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Daria Strokous for Diorskin Nude Tan 2014 Campaign

Daria Strokous for Diorskin Nude Tan 2014 Campaign

Top model Daria Strokous stuns in Dior‘s new Diorskin Nude Tan 2014 ad campaign

In 1948, the year after his very first catwalk show, Christian Dior offered his clients a new collection named ‘Resort and Spring’. At the time, it was fashionable to go on long journeys by boat in search of winter sunshine. These chic and elegant collections are the inspiration behind today’s Dior make-up: the Diorskin Nude Tan range offers a bronzing powder that’s as fine as a second skin, that delicately enhances the skin’s natural shade to give it a summery, sun-kissed complexion all year round. With the addition of a new powder, Diorskin Nude Tan Matte, the Diorskin Nude Tan range promises a natural healthy glow with an imperceptible bare-skin effect.


The complexion appears energised with an iridescent sun-kissed glow: this is the promise of Diorskin Nude Tan Light which offers a combination of warm sunny pigments and vibrant refreshing colours in a single powder. Available in four shades, two light and two medium for golden or rosy complexions, this iridescent powder reflects the light and gives the skin a chance to glow even after the last rays of summer.


The Diorskin Nude Tan range has expanded this season with a new addition: Diorskin Nude Tan Matte. This extra-matt non-pearlised bronzing powder does not change the skin’s natural complexion for an unbeatably natural result. Available in two shades, pink or gold, the powder is suitable for any complexion and levels of tan. It is completely invisible for an ultra nude effect. The complexion is radiant and glowing, appearing to be bathed in pure sunshine. The skin breathes with vitality, subtly tanned with a texture enriched with natural mineral pigments that create a feather-light matifying effect


Diorskin Nude Tan powder gives the skin a golden or rosy sun-kissed effect with a delicate satin sheen. This enhances the skin’s natural tone, giving it an authentic tan and a summer glow that lasts all year round. Suitable for all skintones and levels of tan, this bronzing powder is available in three golden shades and three rosy shades to light up the face with a naturally warm glow. With a satin sheen yet a nude effect, the skin is radiant and bathed in light.


Matte, iridescent or satin skin. An ultra natural complexion, a fresh feel or a sensual glow… three choices for three different powders with the all new versions of Diorskin Nude Tan. Diorskin Nude Tan Matte guarantees a flawless matt finish for imperceptible make-up, Diorskin Nude Tan Light bathes the skin in radiant light, whilst Diorskin Nude Tan creates a deliciously sensual and sun-kissed glow.
The Diorskin Nude Tan range therefore now offers three powders with three different effects, from ultra matte (Diorskin Nude Tan Matte) to ultra glamorous (Diorskin Nude Tan), not forgetting ultra revitalising (Diorskin Nude Tan Light). As an expert in made-to-measure beauty, Dior also offers two families of different shades for each powder: rosy or golden shades. But although each version of Diorskin Nude Tan creates a different finish, they all share the same formula, rich in mineral water and orange extract to boost the skin’s micro-circulation and ensure the skin is naturally more and more beautiful with each application.

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