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  • DSCENE Editorial Staff Reviews Orəbella Fragrances

    Ôrəbella, the fragrance line by Bella Hadid, promises to revolutionize the celebrity scent market by blending traditional elements with modern wellness trends. This debut collection, featuring gender-neutral scents BLOOMING FIRE, WINDOW2SOUL, and SALTED MUSE, stands out with its alcohol-free, essential oil-based formulas that cater to skin-friendly and sustainable product demands.   Прикажи ову објаву у […] More

  • LOEWE Perfumes Expands Home Scents Universe with Wasabi

    LOEWE Perfumes is venturing into the intricate, multisensory world of culinary art with the introduction of its new Wasabi scent. FRAGRANCES This launch marks an innovative addition to LOEWE’s Home Scents collection, offering an intense, spicy aroma that captures the essence of the Japanese condiment, wasabi. A Culinary-Inspired Fragrance The LOEWE Wasabi fragrance is designed […] More

  • All About Ôrəbella: Bella Hadid’s Fragrance Revolution

    Bella Hadid has long been a prominent figure in the fashion world, but with her latest venture, she’s stepping confidently into the beauty industry. The launch of her fragrance brand, Ôrəbella, marks a significant pivot in her career, harnessing her influence to introduce a product line that promises more than just scent—it promises an experience. […] More

  • Gaultier Parfums’ Pride Tribute to Keith Haring

    Since 2022, Jean Paul Gaultier Parfums has annually released a limited-edition fragrance to celebrate Pride month, featuring captivating notes of blood orange and musky blond woods, crafted by perfumers Nathalie Cetto and Quentin Bisch. This fragrance symbolizes inclusivity and joy within the LGBTQIA+ community. Recently, NYC LGBT Community Center recognized Jean Paul Gaultier Parfums with […] More

  • Diptyque’s Café Verlet Collection: A Gourmet Candle Experience

    Diptyque presents an innovative addition to its lineup of fragrances, offering a delightful range of gourmet scents. Transport yourself to the cozy ambiance of a Parisian café as iconic home fragrance pioneer collaborates exclusively with Café Verlet, infusing its classic candle collection with the irresistible aromas of sweet delicacies. Experience the essence of Parisian charm […] More

  • New Balance Takes a Bold Leap into Fragrances Inspired by Sneakers

    New Balance, widely recognized for its athletic and lifestyle footwear, is venturing into new territory with the launch of a fragrance line inspired by the unique smell of sneakers. FRAGRANCES This innovative move transforms the familiar new sneaker scent into two exclusive, limited-edition fragrances. From Sneakers to Scents Typically, perfumes fall into categories like woody, […] More

  • Forest Whispers: The Byredo and Susanne Kaufmann Limited Collection”

    In a world that constantly seeks out connections that delight the senses, the beauty industry finds itself fostering a significant alliance. Byredo, an established player in the world of fragrances, has come together with Susanne Kaufmann, a beacon of natural beauty, to weave a story that intertwines the realms of skincare and fragrance. A serendipitous […] More

  • Damien Vaughan Shippee

    15 Scents for September by Harvey Jackson & Damien Vaughan Shippee

    Photographer Harvey Jackson skillfully captured the latest DSCENE BEAUTY EXCLUSIVE feature, exploring the top fragrances for the upcoming season. In charge of styling was Damien Vaughan Shippee. It’s that time of year for many, where we don’t really know what the weather truly has in store for us. It’s cool today, the Devil’s underbelly tomorrow, […] More

  • The ‘Les Mondes de Diptyque’ Collection’s Global Fragrance Journey

    In 1963, Diptyque’s founders painted an olfactory tapestry for interiors with their scented candles, marking the beginnings of an era where home fragrances became statements of personality and style. Sixty years later, they have once again redefined luxury in the realm of candles. “Les Mondes de Diptyque,” a collection of five refilled candles, beckons individuals […] More

  • Marc O’Polo Sustainable Fragrance Line: ROOTED in Nature

    Marc O’Polo, the premium casual lifestyle brand revered for its conscious Scandinavian approach, is set to transcend the world of fragrances with its new sustainable collection, simply envisioned under the name ROOTED. Set for release this month, the brand is presenting unisex scents that are not just enticing but also ethical. These vegan fragrances, untouched […] More

  • Fragrance

    The World of Fragrance by Damien Vaughan Shippee for DSCENE

    For a millennium, fragrance has been coveted by civilizations across the globe for its ubiquitous ability to transform one’s being and spirit and to transport our senses. We’ve selected a range of gender-neutral scents for summer with some background from their creators. Today, fumes, as some fragrance creators call them, still use ancient scents to […] More



    Czech perfume house Pigmentarium and Paris-based designer Arturo Obegero teamed up and created a new limited edition fragrance – AZABACHE. The love of craftsmanship and appreciation of high-quality products brought together the two brands. The AZABACHE fragrance comes in black as night hand-painted bottle, and is designed to entice lovers – to trick the mind […] More

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