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  • The 4 Types of Masks You Should ALWAYS Have At Home

    Masks are a crucial part of any skincare routine, but they’re often overlooked. If you’ve ever gone to bed with your makeup on, then you know how important it is to let your skin breathe and rejuvenate before going back out in the world. Masks help address all sorts of skin problems, from dryness and […] More

  • 5 Quick & Popular Cosmetic Procedures

    The world of cosmetic procedures has come a long way. Nowadays, these procedures can be completed in very little time and without creating the fake look we would see from older procedures. The main reasons for these improvements include the use of modern machines, injectables being gentler and doctors perfecting their skills. In this article, […] More

  • Skin Care Tips to Follow After a Cosmetic Procedure

    Skin Care Tips to Follow After a Cosmetic Procedure

    Since time immemorial, humans have been a very conscious lot regarding their appearance. And believe it or not, the earliest reference to cosmetic surgery dates back to 600 BCE. Today, in Australia alone, more than $1 billion on cosmetic procedures is spent every year. Common cosmetic procedures include body and facial contouring, skin and facial […] More

  • Zara Beauty

    ZARA is Launching a Beauty Line

    Fashion brand ZARA teams up with the legendary British makeup artist Diane Kendal for their first ever beauty line. The collection celebrates individuality with over 130 diverse shades throughout the beauty line. Zara beauty line will be available from May 12th, price range from $7 to $25.  When Zara approached me to lead the […] More

  • Benefits Of Using Natural Skincare Products

    Do you know that your skin is termed as the most considerable breathing, living organ on your body? You will be surprised to know that over 60% of what you apply to your skin usually gets absorbed into your bloodstream, and it is then dispersed around your whole body. Using toxins in non-organic skincare products […] More

  • A Beautiful Winter: How to Look After Your Skin

    Some of us suffer more than others when it comes to the winter chill. For some, it’s all about layering up – and that’s the end of the matter. For others, the winter brings oh-so much more. Now is the occasion when things (i.e., our skin and everything around it) start to well and truly […] More

  • Is Tanning Good For Your Skin: Natural Skincare Remedies

    Are you looking for the right acne solution? Googling acne treatment will flood your browser with tons of remedies. You’ll find a claim that tanning will help clear acne. But are these solutions actually legit or just a myth? Ladies, when it comes to acne, you have to be very particular about the treatments. Why? […] More

  • Lily Stewart & Yoon Young Bae are the Faces of Chanel Hydra Beauty

    Fashion photographer Theo Wenner captured CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY‘s Spring Summer 2020 campaign featuring models Lily Stewart and Yoon Young Bae. In charge of styling was Alice Goddard, with beauty from hair stylist David Harborow, makeup artist Adrien Pinault, and manicurist Laura Forget. More

  • SUMMER BEAUTY: The Timeless Essentials

    Summers beauty’s wardrobe of SPFs, after suns and sheeny, bare legs bronzers need not be boxed up even if we never leave for a vacation this summer. Beauty Editor Juliette Picard highlights the essential beauty items to carry you with skin-care throughout the whole year. We earn a commission when you follow the link to […] More

  • Face Toner – Why and How to Use It

    Face toners are among the most overlooked product of a skincare routine, and often people are unaware of what it is and how to use it. Face toner is applied before moisturizer and after the cleanser. Basically, it works to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup from the face and maintain adequate pH balance of […] More

  • The Benefits of Essential Oils

    The Benefits of Essential Oils

    As well as helping with emotional issues such as stress and anxiety, aromatherapy can be extremely helpful for a wide range of ‘physical issues’including natural pain relief. There are a wide variety of essential oils that are beneficial for relieving many different types of physical discomfort, ranging from joint and muscle pain through to headaches, […] More

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