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An Le Captures Daniela Melchior for Vogue Portugal

Transforming Sintra’s Beauty with a Touch of Fantasy

Courtesy of Vogue Portugal

In the latest issue of Vogue Portugal, photographer An Le masterfully captures rising star Daniela Melchior in a cover story that blends surrealism with the natural beauty of Sintra, Portugal. Daniela, who recently starred alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the film “Road House,” is presented in a series of images that showcase her talent and captivating presence.

Set against the dreamy backdrop of Sintra, a popular tourist destination known for its lush landscapes and historic architecture, An Le’s photoshoot transforms familiar sights into something entirely new and otherworldly. Through his lens, the picturesque locations are reimagined with a touch of surrealism, creating a fresh perspective that breathes new life into the iconic scenery.

Courtesy of Vogue Portugal

The series features Daniela in a vivid pink ensemble, poised on a winding stone staircase that spirals down into a mysterious well. The repetition of her figure throughout the stairs creates a mesmerizing, almost hypnotic effect, emphasizing the surreal quality of the shoot. The contrast between the vibrant pink fabric and the moss-covered stones adds depth and texture to the composition, drawing the viewer into the scene.

Courtesy of Vogue Portugal

In another standout image, Daniela is seen performing a graceful leg lift in an opulent room adorned with classic artwork. The juxtaposition of her modern, minimalist attire with the ornate, historical setting creates a striking visual contrast. The use of light and shadow enhances the surreal atmosphere, making the image both intriguing and visually captivating.

Courtesy of Vogue Portugal

One of the most dramatic shots depicts Daniela standing atop a submerged car in a tranquil, lily-covered pond. The image evokes a sense of mystery and fantasy, as if she is part of an ethereal world that exists just beyond our reality.

Courtesy of Vogue Portugal

An Le’s photoshoot with Daniela Melchior for Vogue Portugal’s June issue exemplifies the transformative power of photography. Merging the enchanting landscapes of Sintra with surrealistic elements, An Le has created a series of visually stunning images. This collaboration not only highlights Daniela’s rising star power but also brings out the charm of Portugal in a captivating way.

View the Vogue Portugal cover story in the Gallery below:

Photography: @anlestudio
Talent: @danielamelchior
Creative direction: @anlestudio @pavonvic
Editor in chief: @sofia.slucas
Cover art director: @jsantanaga
Styling: @nelly_goncalves
Hair: @ruirocha_hairstylist
Makeup: @sarafonseca_makeup
Set design: @carmenbarber Production:@snowberry_production
Post production: @nowopentv

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