5 College Fashion Trends That Need to Go

Let’s be honest, college kids are wearing the strangest things these days. Many college campuses are the epitome of a fashion disaster. For many people, college is the time for experimentation, unique experiences, and apparently horrible fashion choices. We have created a list of the five college fashion trends that need to go, and that you should avoid at all costs.


It’s time to face the facts; Uggs are ugly. They might match perfectly with your pumpkin spice latté and 50 selfies, but they just don’t look good. They are bulky, and basically turn your feet into fluffy little brown stumps. They might be super comfortable, but so are slippers, and you wouldn’t wear slippers out to class.Not to mention, they are made from the skin of abused sheep! This said, you might indulge in Uggs, and wear them while studying for your online doctoral nursing programs, or when completing your statistics homework, so long as you promise you are alone and nobody will see you. While we are talking about so much stuff should be on the way out, an example of some fashion that should be most definetly be on the way in is a lovely watch strap from Paul Twice, who provide some of the best on the market.

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Crazy Luxurious Headphones 

College kids really enjoy their music, and perhaps rightfully so. This said, it is possible to enjoy music and listen to your favorite songs while walking around campus, or taking your online courses, without constituting a fashion disaster. Luxurious headphones, that are seriously oversized, and covered in distracting rhinestones, are not “hip,” and no, they don’t make you look cool.

Bedazzled Jeans

Jeweled denim hasn’t always been awful, but it is now, and has been for quite some time. Ditch the sparkly embellishments, and stay away from those strange pocket patterns, and instead opt for a regular pair of blue jeans. The jewels detract from the rest of your outfit, and they shout “I’m stuck in my junior high phase!” Again, you’re maybe fine to wear these if you’re taking all online classes. Some of these jeans can be pretty comfortable. Maybe online school isn’t actually such a bad idea.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts might be fine, but only if you’re willing to admit you’re stuck living in 2010. Or maybe they’re fine if you’re going for that basic young nurse style. At point these skirts/dresses were fresh and had a sort of hippie chic style, but now they’re overdone, and it really is time to say goodbye.

Hippie Woodstock 

Speaking of hippie chic, it’s time for your colorful, bell-bottomed yoga pants to go. This style is reserved for unrelenting hipsters, and maybe actual hippies. However, if you are in college, you probably shouldn’t dedicate so much time or focus to your hipster career, and you definitely aren’t an actual hippie.

There you have it! These are the five college fashion trends that absolutely need to go. All of these trends were once stylish and acceptable, but not anymore! And even if you get your degree online, such as at one of the online doctoral nursing programs and MSN to DNP online degrees offered by Bradley University, it doesn’t mean you have to be a fashion victim.

Make sure you follow these tips in and out of the classroom if you want to make a solid impression.

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