Get Set For Spring With These Denim Trends

Spring is here and that means it’s time to ditch the wool sweaters and heavy layers and brighten up your wardrobe – and what’s a spring look without denim? This season, say goodbye to skinny jeans and embrace these 6 fashion-forward upgrades. From big buttons to elaborate embroidery, these trends are an exciting change of pace.

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Go For Bold Buttons

It’s been a while since buttons on jeans were a dominant look, in part because they’re a more labor-intensive style, but this spring they’re making a big comeback. This spring, make a statement with high-waisted, buttoned jeans and don’t be afraid to add a dash of color. Just because they’re jeans doesn’t mean that you have to stick to basic blue. These pants are all about making a bold statement.

Dress It Up

When we talk about denim, the focus is usually on jeans. This spring, though, look for ways to dress up your denim. The March 2019 Women’s Style edition of WSJ Magazine featured bold denim sundresses, skirts, and even corsets that show just how flexible this sturdy material can be. Denim dresses are more than just a 90s throwback; they’re back on trend.

Distress Is In The Details

Pre-torn jeans are for teens, but distressed styles remain relevant when done right. When buying distressed, then, look for brands that emphasize high-quality work, such as the manually distressed jeans from Xabi. Other brands use lasers and machining to create the distressed affects, but high-end brands prefer to hand bleach, sandblast, and manipulate the material.

Check Your Hems

Ordinarily, we don’t give much thought to our hems; as long as our pants are the right length, that’s all that matters, right? Not this spring. This spring, chic hems are in, whether we’re talking cropped bottoms with ties or buckles, longer bottoms with slits, or even Prada’s over the top feather-trimmed jeans. That last look may be a bold take on the hem trend, but the others are much easier to pull off and are perfect for warm spring days. Even a simple cropped bottom will have you on trend.

Think Serious Volume

Not only are skinny jeans out of the picture this spring, but designers are playing with major volume in their new styles. This includes more traditional wide-leg looks as well as big ruffles like those on Solace London Tay’s recent release. With one traditional wide leg and one swirling with ruffles, the Solace London Tay design makes a huge splash next to more traditional styles, creating a dressed up look perfect for a night on the town.

Cargos Are Cool Again

It may seem like an odd choice for a comeback, but cargo pants and carpenter jeans are also back in style this spring, providing a casual play on the wide-leg style. So while some wide-leg styles offer a dressed up approach to voluminous denim, cargo pants will keep you comfortable and on trend during your spring cleanup projects and gardening adventures.

Denim is the ultimate do anything, go anywhere fabric and with so many styles trending this spring, you’ve got your choice of looks. Whether you’re headed to a garden party, going to the office, or cleaning out the garage, you can sport the latest fashions. What will you do with denim?

All images by Erdem Akkaya for Design SCENE

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