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L’HOMME by Yves Saint Laurent featuring Olivier Martinez

L'HOMME by Yves Saint Laurent featuring Olivier Martinez 01

L’HOMME by Yves Saint Laurent celebrated a few years later once again by actor Olivier Martinez.  From the label:

“An image by Mert & Marcus. The camera moves in. Radiant face and captivating look, he asserts himself in a sensual “close up”, intimate and troubling. Through this one essential image, without artifice, we are literally captured by his presence. It is close, intense, reassuring, irresistibly attractive. A film by Fabien Baron, with a rhythmic graphic editing. The intense look in his eyes is presented in a series of shots excessively, hypnotically close together. From this sensory voyage to the heart of his expressions, magnetism is born.”

Martinez starred as the face of the iconic fragrance back in 2010. This is what he had to say about the new ad: “This new campaign is very consistent with the preceding one, and with the story of L’Homme YSL. The character is at the center, motionless, and everything turns around him. Sam Taylor Wood expressed this with the movement of the camera; Fabien Baron does it today through a graphic editing effect. Nothing is explained, and that is what creates mystery and perhaps even magnetism…” 

For behind the scenes videos continue below:


L'HOMME by Yves Saint Laurent featuring Olivier Martinez 02

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