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  • Five Signs That You May Be Addicted To Shopping

    Many people will brush off any thoughts they may be addicted to shopping. After all, it’s only buying nice things for yourself right? However, it can be hugely damaging in a number of areas, including on your finances, relationships and even health, with stress levels and anxiety often rising as a result. Officially known as […] More

  • 3 Simple Self-Care Tips to Try This Spring

    As the dreary winter months come to an end, many people are finding themselves relieved as the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and the negative effects of seasonal depression begin to lift. Even those who love the cold winter months are likely to agree that freezing temperatures and short days are not ideal […] More

  • Time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions: What should you do?

    The dark nights are setting in earlier and Christmas seems like just around the corner as we step into October and while it’s the most exciting time of the year, it’s also the time of year where you should start thinking about your resolutions. It’s always a difficult decision and for many it can vary, […] More

  • 6 tips to make you feel better and more confident about yourself

    In this day and age, feeling confident about yourself really is the backbone of what it means to be considered successful. Unfortunately, many people struggle with feeling less than confident but don’t know what to do about it. Luckily, this article is going to provide 6 tips to help you feel better and more confident […] More

  • BEAUTY SCENE LIVING: Things to think about when buying a door for your home

    Whether it’s a hinged, Dutch, pocket, roller, or sliding, every home needs to have front doors. Not just for protection from burglars, but also to control who can access your house. Aside from that, it also allows passage of the air and light without the risks of any trespassers invading the parameters of your place. And even […] More

  • Yes, You Can Use Retail as Therapy Without Going Broke, Here’s How

    Want to know a secret? There is real data that shows the positive effects of shopping as therapeutic. These studies show that shopping can release happy hormones and improve your mood. It also decreases stress and gives some people good feelings overall. Most people think of shopping therapy in terms of someone who goes into […] More

  • 5 Tips on How to Travel Light and Dress Elegantly at the Same Time

    When planning to travel, choosing what to carry along can be challenging. You do not want to carry huge briefcases that will be tiresome on your journey. Being able to minimize your luggage but still carry the obligatory essentials to look elegant is every traveler’s dream. Below, are tips to travel light and dress elegantly […] More

  • 7 Ways to Pamper Yourself and Love Your Body

    It’s the new year and while everyone is busy making resolutions that they’ll most likely break, I’m over here resolving to love my body more and to treat it with love and respect. While I definitely won’t get it perfect, I know that the most beautiful thing I can put on is confidence. I don’t […] More

  • Reclaiming Your True Beauty Through Confidence

    As we are getting closer to the end of the year, we need to consider and prepare for plenty of activities. There are plenty of social gatherings, holidays, and parties to choose to attend, and how we look is partly due to what we tell ourselves and our own self-image. How we assess what we […] More

  • Create the Perfect Home Gym With These Tips

    There are many reasons that women fail to reach their fitness goals, but if you create a home gym, you can remove many of the barriers that keep women from success. One of the issues we’ve discussed before, especially for busy moms, is that their schedules are too busy to give them the time they […] More

  • 6 Ways to Become More Attractive Overnight

    Beauty being in the eye of the beholder is one of the truest sayings out there, but what many people do not realize is that beauty or attractiveness often has nothing to do with the way a person looks on the outside. Contrary to popular belief, what we find attractive in others is found beneath […] More

  • 8 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home For The Holidays

    8 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home For The Holidays

    Christmas preparations can be challenging. With packed schedules, unexpected family visits, and last-minute gift shopping, it can feel as though there is never enough time to accomplish everything. As the winter months approach, your home’s appearance and ambiance must also gear up for the season. To help you organize your preparations, here are some simple […] More

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