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Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine

Yves Saint Laurent launched a new line of lipsticks in March 2013 – Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine offers a sensual cocktail of smooth lipstick textures and bright colors, garnished by a mysterious glow.

19 color shades, very YSL. For luscious and sensual lips. Let's speak your lipstick for itself!



Juicy, fruity mango flavor awakens the taste and smell. A sensual pleasure, awakened instantly when applied. The rich texture gives the lips an immediate well-being and make them look smoother, fuller and more radiant.

Lipsticks are generally made of soft waxes, which are mixed with solid waxes to the pin to give shape and support. Adding oils that provide gloss, and natural pigments. The experts of YSL have tested the interaction of various waxes and combined them with complexes of creamy substances.


From these series of sophisticated trials results in the unique texture of Rouge Volupté Shine, which ensures that the lipstick melts on contact with the lips and covers them with a silky film, which is transparent like water. The lips have an incredibly seductive shimmer. The result is a custom-made stick that glides perfectly over the lips ensures the optimum amount of gloss and intense color.

Rouge Volupté Shine contains a "wraparound" Care cocktail that makes your lips beautiful, comfort and voluminous. Hyaluron acids retain moisture and prevent the drying of sensitive lips . Antioxidants, such as pomegranate and rice extracts protect against free radicals. The moisturizing agents make the lips soft and smooth. Candelilla wax with silicone oils form a silky gloss film which enhances the brightness of the colors. Protection, maintenance, gloss with moisturizing effect, uniformed color, long grip: Rouge Volupté Shine blends with your lips and allows them to reflect many hours seductively in glorious shades.

It is available worldwide since March 2013.


Gothic Beauty by Yossi Michaeli for Vogue Taiwan

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