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  • Blagdanska Eksplozija Sjaja by Michael David Adams for GloriaGlam Magazine

    Blagdanska Eksplozija Sjaja – Photographer Micheal David Adams captures this magnificient holiday beauty series for the December 2013 issue of Croatian GloriaGlam Magazine. The fresh faced Marija Piskac @ MC2 showcases a range of glittery metallic makeuo looks by makeup artist Viktorija Bowers. Hairstyles are courtesy of Radmila Borkovic. Take a look at the complete series below. More

  • Beneath the Surface by Michael David Adams

    Beneath the Surface – Photographer Micheal David Adams captures this stellar series set in an ethereal underwater enviroment for Vanidad Magazine (Spain). The fresh faced Ali Collier @ Wilhelmina Models transforms into an ethereal underwater beauty with the help of makeup artist Mary Irwin. Take a look at the complete series below. More

  • Sent From Above by Michael David Adams

    Photographer Michael David Adams  marvelously captures his “Sent From Above” beauty series, set in an ethereal underwater enviroment starring model Cecile ,makeup looks courtesy of Mary Irwin.  Take a look at the complete series below. More

  • Pernilla Fransander By Michael David Adams for Qvest Magazine

    Behind the Veil – Photographer Michael David Adams shares with us his latest beauty series,shot for Qvest Magaizne, starring model Pernilla Fransander. Styling by Don West, makeup look by Viktorija Bowers. Pernilla radiates strength and beauty from behind the veil. Take a look at the complete spread below. More

  • Scarab Spring by Michael David Adams

        Model Rachel Clark in colorful and exciting makeup looks by Viktorija Bowers, lensed by fashion photographer Michael David Adams. Take a look at the complete series below. More

  • Lienzo en Blanco by Michael David Adams for Glamour Mexico

    The face as a blank canvas- take a look at the newest beauty editorial starring Ieva Aniulyte by photographer Michael David Adams shot for Glamour Mexico. Dark lips, a wing of black and white eyeliner,shimmering metallic eye of gold and purple hues by makeup artist Viktorija Bowers and a faux fringed hairstyle by hairstylist Linh […] More