How to Enhance Your Beauty Naturally: Try Intermittent Fasting

Skin care is not only about using creams, lotions, and face masks. It’s also about the nutrition you get. Numerous studies proved the direct connection between diet and skin health, as you can see from this article in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a healthy diet if you want to have healthy skin.

However, it turns out that intermittent fasting can also enhance your beauty naturally. It will not only improve the condition of your skin due to the detoxifying effect but also slow down the process of aging.

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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Beauty

In essence, intermittent fasting is a ketogenic diet. This means that pushes your body to produce more ketones, which start breaking down your fat tissue to power up your body. This kind of diet stops when it reaches the optimal fat-burning rate, which is why it’s highly efficient for weight loss.

Because it’s ‘intermittent’, this dieting technique doesn’t push your body into the overstressed mode which naturally slows down the breaking of fat cells in fear of starvation. That can be an issue with highly restrictive diets, which actually don’t make you lose much weight. Instead, this fasting technique puts your metabolism in high gear and makes it burn off the excess fat cells you have.

Then you provide your body with more fuel so it doesn’t go into ‘hungry shock’.

Such a stunning effect on the figure is one of the main reasons why you should take up a healthy ketogenic diet plan. However, the metabolic boost and massive cleansing effect produced by periods of fasting also makes it enhance your natural beauty in other ways, including:

Faster disappearance of acne and eczema breakouts.

Researchers still debate why exactly breakouts heal faster during short-term fasts. It’s currently believed that this happens because the body is able to focus more healing power on the task. The improved condition of the gut health, a direct cause of many breakouts, is also a factor.

Clearer and healthier skin.

Intermittent fasting should make your skin clearer and healthier by default. This is associated with its detoxing effect. When your body gets more time to digest food completely, it can flush toxins more efficiently. Healthier skin is a side-effect of that, which occurs due to all your systems working more efficiently.

Absence of wrinkles (for a while).

Researchers from Harvard conducted a study, which proved that intermittent fasting can increase lifespan due to slowing down the aging process. It’s also a known fact that regular fasting makes the aging process healthier and less stressful for the person. The ‘slow down aging’ effect is responsible for you maintaining smoother skin. One of the natural aging processes that slow down with the help of intermittent fasting is the destruction of collagen. When you use a healthy diet to enhance your beauty naturally, the antioxidants coupled with the anti-aging benefit of fasting produce a stunning result.

The best news is that the benefits of intermittent fasting for beauty, health, and weight loss don’t change depending on the type of fasting you choose. Whether you decide to have a low-calorie day (up to 500 kcal) once every 2-3 days or go completely without food once every few days, or fast for 10-12 hours every day, you’ll be able to enjoy the positive effects of this diet anyway. But be sure to listen to your body and start your intermittent fasting program without extreme changes in your calorie intake.

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