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Lancome rolls out Absolue Oleo Serum

lancome absolue

Lancome has rolled out a new Absolue Sublime Regenerating Oleo-Serum, which uses the "new benefits of oils in an iconic texture".

The serum combines the properties of essential oil, camellia and babassu oils, with pro-xylane to regenerate the upper layers of the epidermis and reinforce the substance of the skin. The oils additionally contain fatty acids to improve lipids and reinforce the skin's barrier function.

The skin feels silky to the touch, with regenerated radiance. It feels more plumped and elastic. The serum contains a fragrance combining top notes of cardamom, mandarin and bergamot, with a rose heart, on a base of cedar, musk and iris.

Lancome says that the Absolue range is supported by 20 years of skin stem cell research. Active ingredient, Pro-XylaneTM, which was patented for the orginal Absolue products, is derived from Xylose, a natural sugar extracted from beech and birch fibres and bark,it is obtained by the environmentally friendly method of Hydrogenesis.

According to Lancome, combining the properties of Lemon essential oil and Camellia and Babassu oils with the regenerating power of Pro-Xylane, Absolue Sublime Regenerating Oleo-Serum has been designed to help reinforce the substance of the skin.

"Three years ago with "Precious Cells", Absolue invented a major benchmark in skin regeneration, based on the promising field of skin stem cell research," says Youcef Nabi Lancome Worldwide President.

"Thanks to a skilful blend of Pro-Xylane with Malus Domestica cell extract, Absolue firmly established itself as an expert at targeting the signs of ageing."


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