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  • Steph Smith

    Steph Smith for Elle Canada by Owen Bruce

    Up and comer Steph Smith takes the pages of Elle Canada‘s October 2015 edition captured by fashion photographer Owen Bruce with art direction from Denis Desro. In charge of styling was Sara Bruneau with hair by Louis Hechter and makeup by David Allan Jones. More

  • We Can’t Stop by Arkan Zakharov for Elle Canada December 2013

    We Cant’t Stop – Celestine Rioux and Kristen Murphy pose for Arkan Zakharov (website) in a series of images shot for the December issue of Elle Canada. With art direction by Brittany Eccles and styling by Fiona Green and high end beauty looks by  makeup artist Simone Otis and hair stylist Antonio Corral Calero. Take a look at the complete series […] More