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  • The Refreshing Benefits of an Ice Water Facial

    In a world brimming with new skincare techniques and beauty regimes, the age-old practice of ice water facial is making a solid comeback. This simple yet effective skincare ritual has been praised by beauty enthusiasts and skincare experts alike for its myriad of benefits. SKIN CARE So, what makes ice water facial a sought-after skincare […] More

  • Microneedling – Does It Work?

    The natural ageing process can be hard on the body and more so with one’s skin. To make things worse, factors such as pollution, unhealthy diet and hormone imbalances take a toll on skin health. If you are reading this, then you are probably looking for a solution that would help you revitalise your skin […] More

  • Leighton Meester is the new face of Biotherm

    Skincare brand Biotherm has announced actress Leighton Meester, best known for the role of Blair Waldorf in the TV series Gossip Girl, as its new Face and Spokesperson. More