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  • BEAUTY SCENE GUIDE: Travelling abroad – What Beauty Products to Pack?

    Travelling is always a little stress, mostly pleasant, but sometimes still negatively affecting the condition of the skin and hair. That is why it is important to properly organize beauty preparation for the holidays. How to fit in a suitcase all your things, and, of course, the bottles of your favourite makeup? And if the […] More

  • SUMMER BEAUTY: The Timeless Essentials

    Summers beauty’s wardrobe of SPFs, after suns and sheeny, bare legs bronzers need not be boxed up even if we never leave for a vacation this summer. Beauty Editor Juliette Picard highlights the essential beauty items to carry you with skin-care throughout the whole year. We earn a commission when you follow the link to […] More

  • Face Toner – Why and How to Use It

    Face toners are among the most overlooked product of a skincare routine, and often people are unaware of what it is and how to use it. Face toner is applied before moisturizer and after the cleanser. Basically, it works to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup from the face and maintain adequate pH balance of […] More

  • Jewellery Styling Tips: Creating new effects with Your Jewellery

    The right piece of jewellery can help to bring together an entire outfit. More than that, it can help to provide a unifying theme for an entire wardrobe, so that everything you wear will be recognisably a part of your style. But how best to incorporate jewellery into your look? And what might we try […] More

  • Up Your Saree Game with These Killer Tips

    A symbol of elegance and feminine power, the saree is the ultimate clothing that can be worn by any woman. The saree has evolved over the centuries, once a symbol of piousness and purity it has now redefined itself as an expression of power and élan. There are multiple types and styles of sarees available […] More

  • The Prettiest Girls are the Happiest?

    There are so many quotes referencing confidence that it’s difficult to pinpoint what, exactly, you might need to do to be more confident. Growth is, without a doubt, uncomfortable but over time, if you fake it till you make it, confidence comes naturally over time. Now, the phrase “fake it till you make it” is […] More

  • 5 Stylish Hair Tricks to Conceal Your Damaged Hair

    5 Stylish Hair Tricks to Conceal Your Damaged Hair

    A lot of people love to experiment with their hair. Some would curl it at one point, then straighten it out and bleach it when they get bored with their hairstyle. While there is nothing wrong with changing how your hair looks drastically, frequent exposures to heat and chemicals can damage the strands in the […] More

  • Essential Tips to Save on Women’s Plus Size Clothing

    Essential Tips to Save on Women’s Plus Size Clothing

    Statista reported that the plus size apparel industry raked in more than $20 billion in sales in 2016 alone. It is also shown to be one of the fastest-growing fashion industries online, reporting more than a 19% increase in sales. While the market is growing with increasing revenue, plus-size fashion often comes with a premium […] More

  • Is A Tummy Tuck Something You Should Concern

    Is A Tummy Tuck Something You Should Concern?

    Gloria has now clocked 40, and for the last thirteen years as she considers the gone years, she finds herself satisfied — she’s bringing up her three beautiful children. She has no regrets; her children are her pride, but then as she looks on at the photograph which had been taken before her first pregnancy, […] More

  • 5 Timeless Fashion Items Every Woman Should Own

    5 Timeless Fashion Items Every Woman Should Own

    Usually, a woman’s wardrobe is packed full of clothes that never see the daylight after they’re worn a couple of times. And yet, so many women complain they have absolutely nothing to wear. The truth is, we sometimes buy clothes that are trendy for a while, but go out of style fast and then they […] More

  • 7 Tips On Dressing Up For The Winter

    7 Tips On Dressing Up For The Winter

    Dressing up for the winter months is something that can be challenging as there are a number of unwritten rules that you should follow. Whether it is wearing winter boots with a trench coat or adding warmth with tights under jeans, this is the perfect way to maintain warmth whilst looking great. In this article, […] More

  • How To Enhance Your Beauty With The Perfect Smile

    How To Enhance Your Beauty With The Perfect Smile?

    With a number of at-home remedies as well as a number of dentists offering brand new medical treatments, it can be difficult to find the perfect option for you. But with some simple research as well as a trip to the dentist, you can have the picture-perfect smile in no time. In this article, we […] More

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