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Options for Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

There are many options to reduce the signs of aging without having to resort to invasive or surgical techniques. A few good cosmetic products and you can start looking years younger in a matter of weeks, or even sooner.

Eye Serum

Nothing is going to age you more than heavy, dark circle under your eyes. Pair that with under-eye puffiness, and you are not going to be looking your best. A good eye serum is the best treatment, preferably one with Haloxyl, which is an ingredient to reduce darkness around the eyes. Just apply a product each day under your eyes to boost circulation, which is what gets rid of that baggy, puffy look. Once the blood flow begins to improve, the darkness disappears completely too.

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Wrinkle Cream

Fine (or not so fine) lines are another visible part of aging, and you can use a good cream or serum to help reduce them. These products help soften skin and add a little extra elasticity to smooth out the wrinkles. Look for creams with potent ingredients like retinol, vitamin C or other antioxidants, hydroxy acids and a number of natural anti-inflammatory extracts like green tea or grape seed. Certain products also make exclusive use of coenzyme Q10 to soften up those creases.

Age Spot Treatment

Dark patches are as bad as wrinkles, and are a common part of aging skin. Age spots, or liver spots develop from years of sun exposure and minor damage and can be small freckles or much larger (and noticeable dark patches). They can be lightened up considerable with the right products though. Covering them with a good foundation or cover-up can also work, but why not just get rid of them entirely?

Products to lighten age spots are extremely varied, and can contain any number of extracts that will help with dark patches. Don’t be surprised if you have to try a few to find the right compounds that work for your skin.

A side note on age spots: they can be effectively prevented by using a sunscreen product on your face regularly. Protect your skin from UV damage, and you may not have to worry about dark spots as you age.


Masks and Peels

Used less frequently than the above creams and serums, a periodic mask or peel can be an excellent addition to your beauty routine. They offer a deeper treatment, and are particularly great and removing that top dead layer of skin (especially a peel-off mask). That always gives you a smoother and tighter look that takes off the years. Some products focus more on an intensive moisturizing approach, which helps with fine wrinkles too.

Quality Moisturizers

Though not a specific “treatment” product, regularly using a good-quality facial moisturizer is very important to keep skin looking young. A light and non-greasy formula can be used daily and will go a long way to keeping the signs of aging at bay.

So if you are starting to see more age in your face than you’d like, you can try a few cosmetic products to improve your look without having to do anything drastic.

Images from: Ola K by Pawel Kocan & Robert Losyk for Beauty SCENE



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