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5 Beauty Trends for “Imperfect People”

To start with we are all perfect, yet beauty industry makes us focus on our “imperfections” for no reason. Thus our beauty editor explores the “perfect” beauty trends out there right now

5 Beauty Trends for Imperfect People

After taking a hard look at yourself in the mirror, you may feel completely underwhelmed. The crop top and eye shadow the saleswoman at Sephora promised would look “totally awesome on you” falls a little flat. Or, maybe it looks okay, but you feel like an impostor.

It’s not you. Whatever emotions are glaring back at you, no one should feel like they must cover up their own personality to be beautiful. Here are some genuine beauty tips that play best with differences, flaws and individual beauty.

Read on, oh imperfect person, and join the crowd.

1. Invest in a Good Haircut

The best beauty accessory is one you wear every day on your head: your hair. Indeed, the easiest way to make your hair shine, both figuratively and literally, is to invest in a premium haircut that complements your face shape and natural hair type. If you get and maintain a good haircut, you won’t need to spend time and energy (not to mention a fortune) trying to manipulate it with styling tools and products. Instead, all you’ll need is a simple spritz with a gloss spray and skedaddle. Or, if you’re feeling extra jazzy, rock a deep side part and set it with a cute bobby pin.

2. Try New Trendy Glasses

Nothing updates a look quite like a new pair of glasses. And fortunately, there are plenty of options, both online and at retail locations, when it comes to finding a trendy pair of eyeglasses that won’t break the bank. Oversize square, aviator or cat-eye shapes are all the rage in clear, blush or vintage caramel colors. Try a tortoiseshell print for a fresh take on leopard print or opt for a metallic shade. Glasses are trending unique and edgy, so go all out with a pair you love. Trust us: you won’t regret it.

5 Beauty Trends for Imperfect People

3. Upgrade Your Apparel

Everyone has a different style, and even the shyest people can start vibing confidence with clothes that both fit and flatter their bodies. Finding quality pieces that you can mix and match every day will save you time and make you feel great. Look for fitted jeans in a classic shape, fine ribbed tees in neutral colors, booties that transition easily from work to home and trendy jewelry to layer on top. And don’t forget about buying new, sexy intimate apparel for a confidence boost you can keep secret or share with a romantic partner.

4. Embrace Your Natural Brow

The pencil-thin eyebrows of the early 2000’s are gone, and those of us with normal eyebrows (um…everyone!) thank the fashion gods. A more natural eyebrow has taken its place, à la Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, with plenty of imperfections. So, embrace your natural brow in all its soft, fluffy glory. Gently shape it with a brow brush, set it with powder, or fill in bare spots with a pencil.

5 Beauty Trends for Imperfect People

5. Enhance Your Skin

Rather than covering up your skin’s wrinkles, patches and color spots, enhance the quality of your skin with a combination tinted moisturizer and SPF. Iris and Romeo Best Skin Days is a perennial pick. To complement your individual skin tone, beauty and style, use a moisturizing matte lipstick like and you’ll be all set.

The True You is Truly Beautiful

It’s easy to obsess over celebrity beauty styles and try to imitate them. However, the truth is each person’s differences make them beautifully unique — and yours are no exception. By embracing your natural look and enhancing it with flattering apparel, glasses and a good haircut, you can feel more renewed and confident.

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