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Bella Hadid’s Mystery Beauty Brand Orebella

Bella Hadid’s Transition into Beauty and Wellness Ventures

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Bella Hadid‘s foray into the beauty industry with Orebella marks a significant milestone in her career trajectory. As a prominent figure in the fashion world, Hadid’s decision to venture into beauty underscores her entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to explore new creative avenues. The mysterious teaser surrounding Orebella’s launch has generated buzz and anticipation among fans, eager to discover the essence of the brand and its offerings. While details about Orebella’s offerings remain elusive, a trademark application suggests it may focus on fragrance and scented body and hair care products, among others.



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The timing of Orebella’s arrival coincides with Hadid’s personal journey of self-discovery and advocacy. Her candidness about her struggles with mental health and Lyme disease, coupled with her commitment to sobriety and wellness, resonates deeply with her audience. Through Orebella, Hadid has the opportunity to channel her experiences and beliefs into products that promote self-care and empowerment.

Speculations suggest that Orebella might launch exclusively at Ulta, supported by Hadid’s recent visit to what seems to be the headquarters of the beauty retailer. This transition into the beauty sector comes after Hadid’s prior involvement in the wellness field as a co-founder of Euphorics, a brand specializing in non-alcoholic beverages, indicating her dedication to promoting self-care and overall holistic wellness.



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Despite the challenges and scrutiny she has faced, including online harassment and threats, Hadid remains steadfast in her pursuit of positive change and meaningful contributions. The launch of Orebella symbolizes a new chapter in Hadid’s evolution, showcasing her resilience and determination to make a mark beyond the realm of fashion.

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