The Top Grooming and Fitness Trends for Men in 2023

Here are some grooming and fitness trends men should take note of in 2023

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New year resolutions have become a tradition for everyone welcoming the new year as a fresh start. For many, it acts as a second chance to pursue the things we may not have been able to in years past. And for others, it becomes motivation — or a list of motivations — for self-improvement and growth.

Focusing on looking and feeling good are great resolutions for 2023. Health has become a priority for most people, and for a good reason. The life expectancy rate in the US has dropped in recent years, with the US spending much more per person on healthcare than other large wealthy countries. On the other hand, grooming and dressing well have become important for people of all ages and genders, as we’re going out more now compared to recent years.

Here are some grooming and fitness trends men should take note of for the new year:

Photography by ©Jose Espaillat for MMSCENE

Invest in skincare

Pursuing healthier skin can help make men look younger. At the same time, the skin is our body’s largest organ. Investing in proper skincare can help you monitor your health, as some health conditions can show themselves through your skin, i.e., rashes, acne, etc. While men’s skin is thicker than women’s, the essential elements of skincare for men are relatively the same. Byrdie’s insights on men’s skincare highlight how understanding your skin type is a solid place to start before investing in a skincare regime. The variety of skincare products available on the market can be confusing or overwhelming for men, so knowing which labels and ingredients are good for sensitive, oily, or dry skin is an excellent first step.

Photography by ©Jose Espaillat for MMSCENE

Subscribe to diet plans

Body and looks goals may seem superficial at first glance, but investing in looking and feeling better has much more to do with our overall health and happiness than you think. WeightWatchers’ weight loss plans for men utilize digital tools to support weight loss and body management. Beyond limiting what you eat, however, a good diet plan will also consider other factors in your life that may affect your health — and, subsequently, your body and looks. Just as eating healthier food can keep you fit, getting adequate sleep daily will save you from headaches while getting rid of unattractive eyebags at the same time. Most diet plans for men also provide the added benefit of muscle growth and better strength, which are great goals for the new year.

Experiment with fashion

A huge part of looking and feeling great is internal, but let’s not forget the external — your fashion. Gone are the days when fashion is limited to only women and the feminine. Our post titled “Celebrity Guests at Louis Vuitton SS23 Men’s Show” should prove that men’s fashion is worth investing in and can be a significant quality of life upgrade. This doesn’t mean you have to spend most of your money on designer clothing or expensive fashion, but learning trends and what looks good can go a long way in boosting your confidence and social life. You can also take the opportunity to learn about the dangers of fast fashion or the benefits of plant-based garments that can be more comfortable to wear. It will also help to avoid using toxic fabrics, which are less breathable and can even cause dermatitis.

Photography by ©Jose Espaillat for MMSCENE

Exercise regularly

Lastly, exercising regularly is an excellent supplementary resolution to eating healthy. It provides a healthy routine and will also help you maintain the weight you are trying to gain or lose. A feature from on a 100-year-old man who gyms daily highlights the feel-good benefits of regular exercise and the added advantage of not spending on pills and medication to stay healthy. Whether you’re into cardio or weight lifting, the important thing is to start a simple routine and keep it up for as long as possible — maybe until you reach 100 years old. Your future body (and bank account) will thank you for it, as you’ll spend less on hospital bills when you get older.

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