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Hottest Beauty Trends of 2016: A Round Up

As the year is coming to an end, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest beauty moments of the year, which are also paving the way for next season’s hottest trends. From rainbow hair to braids, from non-touring to botoxed features, we are sharing them with you. If you’re not already an early adopter, watch out for some of the most followed trends this year as they’re sure to be coming in a salon near you soon.

Korean beauty madness

Korean beauty has been a game changer and a reference for many years now. Always ahead of the curve, K-beauty has brought you some of your favorite tools and products, such as gel sleeping masks, BB and CC creams. One of the latest craze coming from East Asia, is a revolutionary non-injectable botox product that works as a cream, brought to you by a Korean company called Midaskin. Skin specialists say it’s the first product on the market that actually uses Botox. Can it boast the same results though as a trip down to traditional botox clinics such as Juvea Aesthetics and the likes? It’s probably too early to tell but it will be interesting to see where this is heading!

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Guy Tang: rainbow hair maestro

Hair stylist to the stars Guy Tang is definitely behind the hair rainbow trend he helped popularise on social media channels such as Instagram and Youtube. A true master in combining magical colours, the lively pro and self-proclaimed hair activist has recently been focusing a lot on putting a metallic twist onto the pastel colour trends of 2015. Will this become the hottest thing in 2017? Follow his instagram to get in the know.

Contouring be gone: the Non-touring trend

Non-touring is essentially a mixture of the contouring and the strobing makeup trend: it aims at sculpting a healthy glow on the face without any of the harsher contouring lines à la Kardashian. As a consequence, non-touring is softer and easier to implement in your daily makeup: an all-round winner!

Ear makeup: y/n?

One of the craziest trends this year actually first appeared on the runway in 2014 during the Paris Fashion Week. This year, Opening Ceremony and Louis Vuitton imagined full-on glitter ears for their models to strut down the runway and it weirdly became a hit. How easy is this to reciprocate at home? One fashion blogger at Allure did the test and found out it was quite tricky to apply and even trickier still to win over colleagues with this definitely curious makeup statement.

Lasering away at home

At-home skincare tools that mimic professional equipment used in spas and beauty salons have become huge in 2016. LED devices in particular have shown great results, helping to reduce wrinkles and skin breakouts or redness. At-home laser hair removal gadgets are also getting more popular: it’s not for the faint hearted though as it can be pretty painful and works best on dark hair and lighter skin. Finally, microcurrent technology is at the heart of new devices that send microwaves of electricity into the deeper areas of your skin tissues. Dermatologists reckon it helps tightening facial features for a temporary younger look in just a few minutes.

Images from MYRACULOUS by Csaba Gyorfi for Beauty SCENE

Aldona Karczmarczyk

Gloss & Glitter by Aldona Karczmarczyk for L’Officiel Ukraine