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How to Prepare for Your First Beauty Shoot

Are you a model who’s excited to be preparing for your very first beauty shoot? Then continue reading to learn a few tips that will ensure you’ll be fully prepared to get in front of the camera and look your very best.

Get There on Time

First off, you should take the right steps to arrive at the beauty shoot location on time. If you don’t have a car, consider learning your driving theory, taking the driving licence test, and getting your licence and your own car as soon as possible.  This will help to ensure you’ll always be on time, without having to rely upon other drivers or public transportation. Being late to a shoot is highly unprofessional, and it could ruin your chances of getting future work.

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Work on Improving Your Skin

Make it easier on the photographer and photo editor by working on making your skin as healthy and beautiful as possible before the shoot. Having an even skin tone will make you look your best, and it will allow your makeup artist to use less makeup so you can have a flawless, more natural appearance.

Prep your skin for a beauty shoot by getting adequate amounts of sleep each night (a minimum of 8 hours is a good rule). Using an anti-aging, skin-smoothing cream is also a good idea, as it will help remove blemishes and wrinkles to keep you looking youthful. And a moisturiser is necessary to keep your skin soft, without any embarrassing dry spots.

Also moisturise the skin on the rest of your body. After all, if you’ll be wearing a dress to your shoot, your legs and arms will be exposed, so you don’t want them to be embarrassingly dry either. Another great way to prepare for your first photoshoot, is to start drinking japanese green tea UK to help you lose weight and help your skin look smoother.

Whiten Your Teeth

The simple act of whitening your teeth can have a big impact upon how beautiful you look in your photos when you show off your lovely smile. There are a host of products that you can purchase over-the-counter affordably, so you certainly don’t need to opt for professional teeth whitening services if you don’t want to or can’t afford to. For example, you can purchase one of the popular whitening strips available and use it for a couple of weeks prior to the shoot to ensure your smile will be brilliant.

Prepare Your Hair

You also shouldn’t forget to prepare your hair, just as you prepare your skin, for your upcoming shoot. Start by deep conditioning your tresses either at a salon or at home in order to bring moisture to your locks so that they’ll look smooth and shiny rather than brittle and dry. You can use a leave-in treatment, a moisturising masque, and hot oil treatments, as a few examples.

If you’ve dyed your hair, you should touch up your roots so it will have a uniform appearance the day of the shoot. And head to the salon for a trim, as even the subtlest trim could make a big difference in how your hair falls and how it looks.

By implementing the tips above, you’ll be confidently ready for your upcoming beauty shoot.

All images from:  Bree by Natasha Gerschon for BEAUTY SCENE


Sensuel by Marta Macha


Antonina Petkovic for Allure US by Sebastian Mader