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Whimsical Lashes at MAITREPIERRE’s FW24

Crafting Ethereal Beauty with Eco-Conscious Glam


The makeup look for MAITREPIERRE‘s “Less & More” collection epitomizes a fresh and natural aesthetic, enhancing the models’ features while maintaining a skin-like finish. Ruby Mazuel‘s collaboration with French brand EMBRYOLISSE ensures that the foundation provides a flawless yet breathable coverage, accentuating the skin’s natural texture. Well-hydrated lips complement the overall look, adding a subtle touch of vitality. The eye makeup features a light neutral brown eyeshadow delicately applied to accentuate the eye crease, contributing to the understated elegance of the look.


Noteworthy variations within the makeup look include the inclusion of spidery and anime-inspired lashes on some models, adding a whimsical and dramatic flair. This playful twist contrasts with the overall fresh and natural aesthetic, introducing elements of fantasy into the makeup narrative. Additionally, the wind-blown hair on certain models adds a dynamic element to the presentation, suggesting movement and vitality. These variations contribute to the collection’s theme of duality, juxtaposing elements of fantasy with the understated elegance of the overall aesthetic.


Collaborations with ethical and sustainable beauty brands like EMBRYOLISSE and Less Is More underscore MAITREPIERRE’s commitment to responsible beauty practices. By prioritizing ultra-high-performance formulas and environmentally conscious hairstyling products, the brand aligns its aesthetic vision with principles of sustainability and ethical sourcing. This dedication to ethical practices and environmental stewardship reflects the brand’s broader ethos of innovation and responsibility in the fashion industry. Overall, the makeup look serves as a harmonious complement to MAITREPIERRE’s “Less & More” collection, embodying its themes of natural beauty, duality, and sustainability.

Explore more looks from the collection in the gallery below:


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