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Natural Remedies for a Natural Look

Skin care is the backbone of any makeup routine. Before you even apply foundation you must have prepared your canvas by taking care of it.

The natural makeup look accomplishes the trick of presenting the best version of yourself in what appears to be an untouched form. Yet rather than showing puffy eyes or splotchy skin, the makeup enhances your best features while downplaying any flaws. And whether you’re planning a photo session for your online dating profile or a night on the town with the girls, you need to keep a consistent skin care routine that emphasizes health.

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Skin care is extremely important to making your makeup actually look good. While concealer and foundation do work wonders, you will end up looking unnatural and ill if you use too much in order to hide skin issues. The basic formula for skin care is cleansing, toning, moisturizing.

Blocking your pores hurts your skin over time, and your skin’s health will worsen if you merely cover the blemishes each day and don’t create a lasting skincare routine to bring out the best in it. Don’t get caught in the cycle of assuming that you have to wear foundation to cover acne and blemishes. This only results in more acne!

In the past beauty advice often focused on cleansing skin both in the morning and the evening with a full strength primer or cleanser due to the overnight secretion of facial oils. However, keeping your pillowcase clean, wiping off makeup each night, and using your cleanser each evening before bed works wonders. In the mornings simply rinse your face with cold water.

And while some cleansing products still recommend using twice a day, this can be disadvantageous for your skin. Excessive cleansing can dry skin, which results in excess oil secretion to make up for the dryness. This is another potential negative cycle for your skin.

Witch hazel is a good toner that won’t break the bank. Apply with a cotton ball to take off any dirt still remaining after your cleanse and to close up those pores!

If you need skin medications, apply these after the witch hazel. Finally, apply the moisturizer, facial serum, and/or night cream of your choice. Don’t delay or your skin begins to dry out, setting off the dreaded oil cycle.

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and remedy gaining popularity recently. Dab coconut oil under the eyes for reduction of fine lines, and on the lips to keep them moist. In dry weather, be it winter or summer, use it on dry skin, such as around the nose, or on chapped hands and lips. Other problem and dry areas on the face can be helped by it. Surprisingly, irritated spots can be soothed by coconut oil, and it does not cause increased oiliness.

When your face is ready for makeup be sure to select quality products that will not damage your skin. Find brands that do not contain dangerous chemicals or test on animals to increase your health and peace of mind. Also, investing in a good brand is worth it in the long run, because they will last and continue to make you look great. Sometimes your basic drugstore makeup will work, but don’t skimp on the foundation.

For a basic natural makeup look, you should apply foundation base as well as your normal concealer. Work with a liquid foundation, or if you use a cream or stick foundation be sure to smear it well to get full coverage. Some complexions tend to look blotchy without foundation, but beware overdoing it or you may look too pale.

Foundation can take away all the color from your face. With a bigger look you can just use blush to bring the color back, but with the natural aesthetic you don’t want to draw attention to the makeup, so layering gently is key.

Apply concealer on any areas still needing coverage after the foundation. Also, apply concealer under the eyes to reduce visible puffiness. Seal it with loose powder to keep the creams in place.

Next, you should contour your face including your forehead, nose, and cheekbones to bring out your natural features. Use a bronzer that doesn’t contrast sharply with your skin tone and foundation to maintain the natural effect.

Now you can also do your eyebrows to frame your eyes and to make your eyes pop. It’s acceptable to add a little wing tip if you’re feeling sassy.

As mentioned before, blush can be tricky for this look, but you can add a very light shade to the apples of your cheeks. To finish off this natural look, apply a subtle nude lipstick.

Use natural remedies for this natural look, and remember to pamper your skin. The best accessory is confidence. You aren’t hiding behind layers. Your makeup is showing off the best your face has to offer.

Images from Beauty Exclusive: Daphne by Adamo de Pax


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