Madonna introduces MDNA Skin



Madonna has launched her new skin care line called MDNA SKIN in JapanYesterday,she released the first promo video for the MDNA Skin line. Take a look after the jump.

“Having good skin is important to me…” the 55-year-old popstar purrs in a voice over, “but so are other things.” ‘Other things’ that, judging from the commercial, may or may not include lying on a floor while people walk by her, admiring herself in a mirror, doing that “Itsby Bitsy Spider” finger crawling thing on her own leg, saying “shhhh…,” sitting in a bathtub while holding a cane, exposing her crotch… and mumbling absolute nonsense.

“Creation… your body smells of honey from the comb,” she coos. “Essence… your amber silken skin smells of your mind. Alchemy… I’ve spent hours on it… months on it… years on it…”

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