Giorgio Armani Maestro Mediterranea Collection

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Giorgio Armani Maestro Mediterranea Collection (1)

Inspired by the intensity of Italian sun, Giorgio Armani Beauty unveils its interpretation of healthy glow makeup. Armani has dedicated all of its expertise in fabrics and face makeup to create a 100% natural sun-kissed look.

For Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist, you need both bronzers and blush to create a beautiful and natural tanned look. Looking sun-kissed doesn’t just mean having a warm complexion; it also focuses on highlighting the color of the cheekbones. With Maestro Mediterranea, you can mix, blend or layer for a custom-made result.

Maestro Mediterranea builds on the revolution led by Maestro Fusion Makeup Complexion Perfector which launched in 2012. Maestro Color-Fil technology has reinterpreted the alchemy of Maestro Complexion Perfector and adapted it to blush and bronzer. Maestro Fusion Blush and Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer benefit from the unique, lightweight texture that fuses naturally with the skin.

The secret of this iconic Maestro formula is no water or white powder. Instead, it contains five non-comedogenic oils, including white lotus oil, which gradually evaporate upon application and leave you with a “no makeup feel.” The ultra-fine oil-pigments suspension enhances the skin and is enriched with finely milled micro-pearls for liquid summer bronzer and essential concentrated pigments for fusion blush. For optimal results, use a single drop of the highly pigmented blush formula.

Maestro Fusion Blush ($52.00)

  • 300
  • 400
  • 500

Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer ($64.00) (Limited Edition)

Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer premiers the universal, one-size-fits-all bronzing shade with golden micro pearl.

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