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The Difference Between Botox and Fillers


To put it into layman’s terms Botox is a temporary filler that can decrease a range of wrinkles. This non-surgical method can be used to lessen the appearance of frown lines, wrinkles and forehead lines. In addition, it can be used to lessen the appearance of perspiration on some areas of the body. The cost for this can be as low as $400-$1,000 but it is not permanent. You will pay less for it per session but will need to continue to receive treatments.

Fillers are also temporary but the effect does last a little bit longer. Usually up to six months when done correctly. However, it is a surgical procedure and requires more recovery time. The cost is also higher ranging from $500 to $2,000 and is still a temporary solution like the Botox. Fillers are sometimes more desirable than Botox because they last longer but are not as cost effective. Likewise, if you don’t like the end results you are stuck with it anyways for about half of a year.

A common misconception is that Botox is painless. This procedure uses needles, so you can anticipate feeling the ‘pinch’ of it. While you can use topical anaesthetics and even ice to numb the area, you will still feel some portion of the procedure. If you believe that you will walk in looking wrinkled and walk about looking flawless, you’re in for a surprise. It can take as long as seven days for the Botox to complete the look.


Both procedures have risks associated with them. When you have a Botox injection done at a clinic like Botox Derry what you are doing is making that muscle weak for several months. It doesn’t fill lines or solve them, it just makes it harder for that muscle to do its job, creating lines. This may seem like a pretty straightforward way to deal with those lines that come with age but it doesn’t mean you can bargain hunt for Botox. There is a black market for Botox and it’s growing every year. Always make sure you go to a reputable doctor with known credentials and don’t be shy about asking exactly what he’s putting into your face. The answer may save your life. Recently even Forbes magazine wrote about Botox easing depression, perhaps another benefit of the use?

Allergic reactions do occur. It’s common knowledge that Botox is derives from the same thing that botulism is. However, you absolutely cannot get botulism from Botox but you do run other risks like an allergic reaction. Swelling, itching and rashes are all common signs of an allergic reaction. If you don’t use a skill physician they can leave your Botox injections looking lopsided or even disfigured. If you have too much injected it can destroy the muscle underneath and leave you with a drooping appearance. Asking questions before any procedure is key, if you don’t feel comfortable with the answers you get, find another place.


You can run the risk of even more serious complications when you receive fillers. The FDA recently put out a report warning against the harm of fillers. Once concern was that the fillers used can accidentally be injected into blood vessels restricting the blood flow and causing strokes, problems with your vision or even the death of underlying skin. You need to carefully weigh the risks associated with both procedures before making a decision to receive one or the other. The long term damage may not be worth the short term beauty. If you do decide to pick one or the other though, you can do so safely.

The FDA and national medical board have put rigorous regulations in place to safeguard you while undergoing these procedures. As long as you follow the guidelines and take precautions, you should come out with the results you like. Some key points to remember are to weigh the risks associated with both treatments. Know which one is right for you. For instance, Botox is less permanent and will give you the opportunity to change your mind sooner than fillers will. Additionally, you should know beforehand what sort of allergies and skin reactions you are prone too. This sort of information will be crucial to your treating physician.


Do not skimp on costs, no matter which route you choose. While finding a reputable doctor may cost you more money, it will be worth it when he does not cause your body permanent damage or even death. Yes, death can occur if you are having work done on your neck and the injections cause you to lose feeling in your airway. It’s always the best route to question your doctor and know all of the risks associated with any procedure before you make the commitment to have cosmetic work done. You’ll also want to make sure you have a friend or family member with you during this time and assistance during your recovery.

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