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A Beautiful Winter: How to Look After Your Skin

Take a look at some of the best ways to stay on top of your skin during the colder months.

Photo ©Debora Barnaba for BEAUTY SCENE

Some of us suffer more than others when it comes to the winter chill. For some, it’s all about layering up – and that’s the end of the matter. For others, the winter brings oh-so much more. Now is the occasion when things (i.e., our skin and everything around it) start to well and truly dry up. We are transformed from a radiant, summer outlook, to the exact opposite.


While we don’t hold all the answers on how to overcome the winter blues, today’s article will take a look at some of the best ways to stay on top of your skin during the colder months.

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Photo ©Debora Barnaba for BEAUTY SCENE

The old classic: moisturize daily

Let’s start with the obvious. In fact, if it’s not obvious yet, give it a few weeks.

One of the first signs that winter is here is when our skin starts to dry. Some people suffer from this worse than others; in some cases, it’s not unheard of to become a shrivelled wreck due to the perils of the climate.

As the title may have already given away, this is where moisturizer comes to the rescue. For the best results, have separate day and night options. This is because the daytime subjects our skin to the likes of the wind and sunlight (yes, even in winter), while when night descends it’s all about your skin recovering. Take a look around Covent Garden for some of the country’s leading beauty brands to help you with these procedures.

Sometimes, it’s about the indoors

While the outdoor winter chill often grabs the headlines, you sometimes have to look a little closer to home.

It is at this time of the year where most of us ramp up the thermostat and hope for the best. Well, try and avoid such an approach. The central heating will make your home even drier and suffice to say, this will start to make its mark on your skin as well.

If you are desperate to keep on top of the heat in your home, turn to a humidifier. This will at least add moisture to the air and help with your skin’s hydration levels. Heating in the winter can cause multiple problems for you if the humidity indoors runs to low. Your skin is to run dry, this is to disrupt your breathing at night and it may even result in rashes and more serious health issues. A humidifier can regulate humidity inside your home, and you can adjust it to optimal humidity percentage. While recommended humidity is from 50% to 60% with indoor heating in the winter the humidity may go down up to 20%. This is also exuberated by a much lower outdoor humidity in the winter.

Photo ©Debora Barnaba for BEAUTY SCENE

Sunscreen is still crucial

It might be winter, and it might be getting dark at 4pm (or earlier, on the really dull days). However, this doesn’t mean to say that you need to skip the sunscreen.

The sun will permeate clouds even on the dreariest of days. Or, if you happen to be blessed with a blanket of snow around your region, the problem can intensify. It’s in these cases where the UV rays rebound from the bright white and wreak havoc with your skin (and bring a whole host of long-term problems).

Oily skin and bacteria make can pop out pimples on your face. Sun rays, AKA UV rays, can kill the bacteria, causing acne. Sun tanning or any artificial tanning temporarily gives you a good feeling by clearing acne, but the later outcomes can bring bigger problems. Instead, natural skincare routine and a perfect nutrient-enriched diet would be the best solution.

Opt for cream-based cleansers

Finally, make sure you pay attention to the ingredients list on the back of your cleanser or lotion of choice. Quite often, these contain traces of alcohol, which is something which is known to dry your skin even more. Instead, turn to one that is cream-based and allow your skin to bask in its natural oils.

All images from Shades of a Woman story for captured by fashion photographer Debora Barnaba for  BEAUTY SCENE.

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Photographer: Debora Barnaba 
Makeup Artist: Sophia Gunev
Model: Vika at Wonderwall Management

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