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Redefining Radiance: Givenchy’s New Prisme Libre Loose Powder

Discover the advanced formulation and luxurious features of Givenchy’s latest beauty innovation.

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Givenchy, a brand synonymous with luxury and innovation, has unveiled its latest beauty innovation: the Prisme Libre 4-Color Loose Powder. This new product promises to elevate your makeup routine with its advanced formulation, offering a 24-hour luminous matte finish and a 12-hour set and blur effect.


As part of Givenchy’s legacy of combining high fashion with cutting-edge beauty technology, the new Prisme Libre Loose Powder sets a new standard in the world of cosmetics.

© Givenchy

Product Description

The Prisme Libre 4-Color Loose Powder is an iconic loose powder that offers four-color correction. This new and improved ultra-fine setting powder delivers a 24-hour luminous matte finish and a 12-hour set and blur effect. It comes in a 10g package and is available in seven different shades, each designed to complement a wide range of skin tones.

Key Features

The new Prisme Libre Loose Powder stands out due to its impressive range of features and benefits:

24-Hour Luminous Matte Finish: The powder provides a long-lasting matte finish that keeps your complexion looking fresh and radiant throughout the day.

12-Hour Set and Blur: This setting powder blurs imperfections and sets makeup for up to 12 hours, ensuring a smooth, flawless look.

Ultra-Fine Micronized Powder: The new formula is 46% thinner than the previous version, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear. The micronized powder ensures a breathable finish that feels like a second skin.

Prismatic Light™ Technology: Powered by Prismatic Light™ Technology, the powder enhances the skin’s natural radiance while providing an all-day blurring effect.

Immediate 4-Color Correction: Each powder contains four complementary colors – two for color correction and two for unifying the complexion. This blend ensures a perfected makeup result.

Water-Resistant, Smudge-Proof, Mask-Proof: The powder is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, making it resistant to water, smudging, and transfer, even when wearing a mask.


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Shade Range

The Prisme Libre Loose Powder is available in seven harmonies, each designed to fit a specific skin tone:

N° 00 Tulle Opalescent: A new brightening harmony for the fairest skin tones.
N° 01 Mousseline Pastel: The iconic harmony for fair-to-light skin tones.
N° 02 Satin Blanc: For light skin tones.
N° 03 Voile Rosé: For light-to-medium skin tones.
N° 04 Mousseline Acidulée: For medium skin tones.
N° 05 Popeline Mimosa: For medium-to-deep skin tones.
N° 06 Organza Ambré: For deep skin tones.

The Prisme Libre Routine

To achieve a perfect complexion, Givenchy recommends combining the loose powder with other products in the Prisme Libre routine:

Correct: Use Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Corrector to address color imperfections.
Unify: Apply Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow or Matte Foundations to unify your complexion.
Set: Set your foundation with the Prisme Libre 4-Color Loose Powder and use the Prisme Libre Mini 4-Color Loose Powder for touch-ups.Color: Enhance your cheeks with Prisme Libre Blush.
Extend: Extend makeup wear with Prisme Libre Prep & Set Glow Mist – SPF 45 PA++++.

© Givenchy

Packaging and Design

The packaging of the Prisme Libre Loose Powder is both sleek and functional, reflecting Givenchy’s dedication to luxury. The container features a timeless design with sculptural lines, a glossy black top engraved with the silver 4G monogram, and a transparent base that shows the four corrective colors inside. The exclusive 4G sieve ensures an optimal application dose, and the included face puff allows for easy and precise application.

Givenchy’s new Prisme Libre Loose Powder is set to become an essential part of any beauty routine, offering advanced features that ensure a flawless, long-lasting finish. With its innovative formulation, versatile shade range, and luxurious packaging, the Prisme Libre Loose Powder exemplifies Givenchy’s commitment to excellence in beauty. Whether you’re looking to perfect your everyday look or achieve a radiant finish for a special occasion, this powder provides the ultimate in performance and elegance.

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