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LOEWE Perfumes Expands Home Scents Universe with Wasabi

LOEWE Perfumes reveals Wasabi, an exhilarating new fragrance that joins the LOEWE Home Scents collection.

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LOEWE Perfumes is venturing into the intricate, multisensory world of culinary art with the introduction of its new Wasabi scent.


This launch marks an innovative addition to LOEWE’s Home Scents collection, offering an intense, spicy aroma that captures the essence of the Japanese condiment, wasabi.

© Loewe

A Culinary-Inspired Fragrance

The LOEWE Wasabi fragrance is designed to evoke the sharp, invigorating experience of wasabi. It starts with high-intensity, spicy notes reminiscent of the condiment itself, gradually evolving to unveil deeper layers of savory basmati rice and citrusy lemongrass. This complex blend not only stimulates the senses but also transforms any space into a vibrant sensory landscape.

© Loewe

Available Formats

The LOEWE Wasabi scent is available in three luxurious formats, ensuring that there is a suitable option for every setting:

Scented Candles: These candles provide a continuous, gentle release of the Wasabi fragrance, perfect for creating an inviting ambiance in any room.

Wax Scented Candleholders: These stylish holders not only add a decorative touch but also diffuse the Wasabi scent efficiently throughout the space.

Room Spray: Ideal for an instant burst of fragrance, the room spray offers a convenient way to refresh any environment with the invigorating aroma of Wasabi.

LOEWE Wasabi exemplifies the brand’s commitment to innovative and high-quality home fragrances. By drawing inspiration from culinary arts, LOEWE has crafted a scent that is both unique and memorable, transforming the way we experience fragrance in our homes.

The LOEWE Home Scents collection is renowned for its singular olfactory portraits of plants, flowers, and herbs. Created in collaboration between LOEWE’s creative director Jonathan Anderson and in-house perfumer Nuria Cruelles, the collection includes scents like Incense, Orange Blossom, Oregano, Cypress Balls, Honeysuckle, Tomato Leaves, Cucumber, Scent of Marihuana, Ivy, Mushroom, and Hazelnut, now joined by Wasabi.

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