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CELEBRITY GUESTS at Balenciaga Spring 2025 Collection

Michelle Ye, Ayaka Miyoshi, Daddi Tang, Jueyon and more attended Balenciaga latest show

CELEBRITY GUESTS at Balenciaga Spring 2025 Collection, Michelle Yeoh © Balenciaga

Balenciaga’s Spring 2025 Ready-to-Wear collection made a debut in Shanghai, drawing inspiration from the city’s iconic skyline. The collection showcased super-elongated, vertical silhouettes that echoed the towering high-rises of Pudong. Traditional shapes were reimagined with deconstructed new hourglass forms, embodying the house’s avant-garde aesthetic. Silk dresses featured trompe l’oeil effects, simulating textures like cable knit, crocodile, and fox fur, adding layers of visual intrigue. The show also presented innovative designs such as hourglass skirts and full digital-print bodysuits, creating the illusion of pantashoes, jeans, and shirts.

Ayaka Miyoshi © Balenciaga

Accessories continued the architectural theme, with platform metalhead boots reflecting the verticality of Shanghai’s skyscrapers. Layered platform sneakers, ripped tights pantashoes, pointy Flyknit Derby shoes, and over-the-knee sock boots added to the eclectic mix. The collection also reimagined archetypal wardrobe items as bags, including a leather sneaker box clutch, a chain bag with a trousers belt buckle closure, and a metal chain hand-knitted fisherman tote.

Joseph Zheng © Balenciaga
Qin Li © Balenciaga

Balenciaga introduced notable collaborations as part of the collection. The Balenciaga | Under Armour, released exclusively after the Shanghai runway show, merged Under Armour’s technical fabrics with Balenciaga’s signature silhouettes. This limited series featured hoodies, T-shirts, caps, shorts, sweatpants, and socks, all marked with a unique logomark combining both brands’ logos.

Sophie Marceau © Balenciaga

Another collaboration with the renowned Shanghainese restaurant Nu Xiang Mu Dou brought a unique culinary twist to the collection. Custom dim sum and packaging were introduced, blending French black truffle with traditional xiao long bao, served in bamboo steamer boxes. This partnership highlighted Balenciaga’s innovative approach, merging fashion with gastronomy.

He Zhi © Balenciaga

To celebrate the collection’s debut, Balenciaga collaborated with Alipay on an exclusive T-shirt release. This limited-edition item, featuring the logos of both Balenciaga and Alipay, was made available immediately following the runway show in select stores and online platforms, further cementing the collection’s unique connection to Shanghai.

The Spring 2025 show itself was a memorable event, with music by BFRND, held outdoors at the Museum of Art Pudong. The twilight backdrop of Shanghai’s skyline provided a stunning setting, perfectly complementing the collection’s architectural inspiration and innovative designs.


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