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Fenty Beauty Presents Bronze All Ova Collection

Get a sun-kissed glow with Fenty’s new blushlighter, available in three peachy-pink shades

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty-Fenty Beauty Presents Bronze All Ova Collection

Fenty Beauty has just unveiled their new Bronze All Ova collection, designed to add a sun-kissed glow for the 2024 summer season. This limited-edition collection features a range of products priced from $1.50 to $26, making it accessible for all beauty enthusiasts. Although the official launch is set for May 29th, the collection is already available exclusively at Selfridges, giving fans an early chance to get their hands on these coveted items.


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The star of the Bronze All Ova collection is the limited-edition blushlighter, which comes in three universally flattering shades. This innovative product combines the best of both blush and highlighter, offering a peachy-pink pop of color with a warm, golden shimmer finish. The blushlighter is designed to melt seamlessly into the skin, providing a radiant, cheeky glow that is perfect for the summer months.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty describes the blushlighter as an ultra-rich formula that delivers the color flush of a blush and the golden shimmer glow of a highlighter in one product. This all-new baked blush is crafted to enhance all skin tones with its creamy, velvety texture. Infused with hyaluronic acid, the blushlighter not only adds a beautiful glow but also provides moisturizing benefits, ensuring your skin looks and feels its best.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The Bronze All Ova blushlighter comes in three distinct shades, each designed to complement a variety of skin tones. “Bak’d Peach” is a deep pink-orange hue with pink and gold pearls, perfect for those who want a bold, vibrant look. “Juicy Peach” offers a midtone peach with gold pearl, ideal for adding a natural, warm glow. Lastly, “Fresh Peach” is another midtone peach with gold pearl, providing a subtle yet radiant finish.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The latest addition to the Gloss Bomb lineup, this product delivers the same irresistible shimmer and shine fans adore, now with a luxurious gel-oil texture. Available in three slick, shimmering shades, the hybrid lip oil-gloss offers an irresistible, glass-like finish that feels as good as it looks. The formula is non-sticky and glides on effortlessly, thanks to the flexible paddle-shaped applicator, ensuring a smooth swipe every time.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Infused with Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Passionfruit Oil, and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, this lip oil-gloss not only provides a beautiful sheen but also nourishes and hydrates your lips. The new, exclusive coconut-vanilla scent adds a perfect touch of summer to your beauty arsenal. The shades include “Coppa Cookie,” a stunning copper; “Fro$ted Bunz,” a rich amber gold; and “$uperfine $uga,” a dazzling white gold. Each shade offers a unique, shimmering finish that complements any look, making this limited-edition collection a must-have for the season.

Fenty Beauty’s Bronze All Ova collection is a must-have for the summer season. With its innovative blushlighter and a range of products designed to enhance your natural glow, this collection is sure to be a hit among beauty lovers.

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