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Serena Williams Launches Wyn Beauty

The Winning Formula Behind Serena Williams’ Inclusive and Practical Beauty Collection


Courtesy of WYN Beauty

Serena Williams, the multifaceted entrepreneur since her retirement from tennis in 2022, has been deeply involved in the development of Wyn Beauty, alongside her other ventures like body-care brand Will Perform and her venture capital firm. The journey to Wyn’s creation began during her tennis days, evolving over six years into a line that reflects her active lifestyle and the need for makeup that’s efficient for everyday wear.

Courtesy of WYN Beauty

Williams emphasizes that Wyn Beauty isn’t just for celebrities but for the everyday person. Her intention was to cater to the needs of women like herself, who lead active lives yet desire a polished appearance without extensive effort. This emphasis on accessibility and practicality highlights the philosophy of the brand, aligning it with Williams’ own down-to-earth persona.

The initial lineup of Wyn Beauty features 10 essential makeup products, each carefully formulated to withstand an active lifestyle. From waterproof eyeliners to multitasking lip and cheek tints, the range covers all bases for a versatile makeup routine. The tinted sunscreen, stands out for its lightweight yet effective formula, providing both protection and coverage suitable for daily wear.


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One of the remarkable aspects of Wyn Beauty is its inclusive shade range across products. With extensive options for different skin tones, Williams ensures that her brand caters to a diverse audience. This commitment to diversity and representation is a testament to her vision of inclusivity within the beauty industry.

Courtesy of WYN Beauty

The development process behind Wyn Beauty involved precise attention to detail, with a focus on balancing color, performance, and hydration across formulations. The result is a collection that not only meets professional standards but also exceeds expectations in terms of wearability and skin-friendly ingredients. Williams’ hands-on involvement and dedication to quality shine through in every aspect of Wyn Beauty, making it a standout addition to the world of celebrity beauty brands.

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