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Ashby Gentry Stars in DSCENE Magazine May 2024 Cover Story

Navigating fame, artistic exploration, and the depths of character in the heart of cinema

Ashby Gentry

DSCENE Magazine enlists actor Ashby Gentry, known for his captivating portrayal of Alex Walter in My Life with the Walter Boys, to pose for the May 2024 digital cover story. In charge of photography was Eden Mili. In an exclusive interview with DSCENE Magazine‘s Editor Katarina Doric, Gentry shares a reflective and insightful look into his career and the nuances of his craft. He discusses his transition from embodying a beloved character to becoming a significant figure in modern cinema.


Throughout the interview, Gentry explores the layers of his character in “My Life with the Walter Boys,” his methodical approach to acting, and the impact of the series’ success on his life. He highlights the importance of personal connections in developing on-screen relationships and expresses gratitude for the experiences his career has brought him. Gentry cites Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as major influences and looks forward to continuing his exploration of the craft with authenticity and dedication.

Ashby Gentry

Congratulations on the success of “My Life with the Walter Boys” on Netflix. What attracted you to the role of Alex Walter, and how did you approach bringing this character to life? – Thanks so much! What attracted me most to Alex is – I think – the same thing that attracts anyone to Alex: his heart of gold. I know a softie when I see one and Alex allowed me the chance to showcase that part of myself, which I often am not afforded the opportunity to exhibit in the public eye. As for my approach, I took holistic measures when it came to exploring Alex. In my opinion, characters aren’t created, they are investigated, so a lot of the process was asking questions. What does he dress like? Where is his center of gravity? What music does he listen to? What type of food does he eat? What books does he read? When does he go to bed; when does he wake up? I even started taking showers in the morning and writing with my left hand to see if it had any effect on my performance. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. Who knows.

Ashby Gentry

With the series having been #1 on Netflix worldwide, how has the response from fans and the increased visibility impacted you personally and professionally? – The transition has been pretty stark and pretty rapid which took me completely by surprise. I remember lamenting to my friends right before the show came out that I was scared no one would watch it. Now, virtually every time I go out, I get recognized by someone who watched the show – sometimes 6 or 7 times a day. Usually, it’s kids who are super excited to see someone from Netflix which is really sweet. I feel like Santa Claus. Seeing it hit number one for multiple weeks in a row was really jarring. I’m grateful for the increased notoriety and excited for the attention I’m able to bring to smaller projects that might need that kind of support. Most of all, though, I’m simply elated that so many people found solace within the world we created, and I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility not to let them down going forward.


Outside of filming, what are some of your favorite TV shows or movies, and do they influence your acting style or choice of roles? – Ironically, I don’t watch much TV. I have been into the Sopranos recently but put it on hold to prep for Season 2 of Walter Boys. I am more of a Movie/Play kind of guy. Like I said, I love Robbert Eggars work as well as: Damien Chazelle, Stanley Kubrick, Charlotte Wells, Chris Nolan, Sofia Coppola, Alfonso Cuaron, Bong Joon-Ho, Barry Jenkins, Ari Aster, The Safdie Brothers, Aronofsky, Claire Denis, Denis Villeneuve, Greta Gerwig, Robert Altman, Godard… I could go on and on.

I will admit one of the most interesting things I watched this past year was a filmed Talking Heads concert called Stop Making Sense by Jonathon Demie. That really spoke to me for some reason. It felt like intentional nonsense, which is an artistic quality I’m particularly interested in. That was definitely an “Ashby” piece of work. – Read full interview on


Photographer Eden Mili, a New York-based creative specializing in portrait photography – @edenmili
Talent Ashby Gentry@ashbygentry
Interview Katarina Doric@katarina.djoric

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