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Sam Song Li Covers DSCENE Magazine March 2024 Issue

Sam Song Li opens up: From “The Brothers Sun” to personal aspirations and AAPI representation


In DSCENE Magazine‘s March 2024 issue, Sam Song Li, celebrated for his role in “The Brothers Sun,” graces the cover and offers an intimate glimpse into his life and career. Li portrays Bruce Sun, a college student with dreams of improv fame, navigating the pressures of family expectations. This role highlights the complex dynamics of personal ambitions versus familial duties, resonating particularly within the AAPI community and sparking discussions on traditional values versus individual choice.


Li’s preparation for his role involves creating a detailed character biography to understand Bruce’s worldview and decision-making process, despite their differing approaches to life’s challenges. He emphasizes the importance of representation, appreciating the show’s impact on initiating conversations about choice and traditional family values within the AAPI community.

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Working with Michelle Yeoh, Li praises her for her professionalism and the instant chemistry she brings to the set, likening acting to a team sport where collaboration is key. “The Brothers Sun” stands out to Li for its unique blend of humor, drama, and action, challenging conventional genre boundaries and representing a “golden era of representation on screen.”

Reflecting on his career, Li views his role as Bruce as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, expressing satisfaction and contentment with his performance. Behind-the-scenes, he shares a humorous moment with Yeoh, highlighting the light-hearted atmosphere on set despite the emotional depth of their scenes.

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Li encourages aspiring actors to balance confidence with no expectations and remains open to exploring diverse roles that defy expectations. He expresses a desire for future projects in the romance genre, drawing from his personal experiences and the compelling nature of personal storytelling.

Through engaging content on social media, Li connects with audiences by sharing relatable dating experiences, offering advice to aspiring actors to embrace confidence and maintain no expectations in their career pursuits.

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