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Off-WhiteTM x Isamaya French Rethinking Fragrance to Empower Expression

Isamaya Ffrench and Off-White™’s Evolution of the Signature Fragrance


With the launch of five new genderless fragrances, Off-White has expanded its Off-White™ Beauty products, specifically its signature fragrance line, Off-White™ SOLUTIONS. As a component of the larger Off-White™ Beauty philosophy, which seeks to enable all individuals and generations to express themselves and celebrate their potential, Off-White  SOLUTIONS proposes that its perfumes be interpreted as aromatic declarations of self.

The expanded collection begins where the original Off-White™ SOLUTIONS series left off, introducing SOLUTION No. 6 through SOLUTION No. 10. Each of these solutions is presented in a chrome 50ml bottle that has been redesigned and is both collectible and accessible. Developed in partnership with Isamaya Ffrench, an internationally known makeup artist and creative director, who was appointed Off-WhiteTM beauty curator in February of this year, the bottles also have luxury finishes, complete with a distinctive accent color that makes a reference to the essences that are contained within them.
The woody gourmand smell known as SOLUTION No. 6 was developed in collaboration with Steve Guo and is defined by its caramel color. It features recognized notes of rhum, chocolate, and patchouli to name a few. In the meantime, SOLUTION No.7, which has a chartreuse tint, reveals itself to be a woody amber that was conceived of by Alexis Dadier. It is a combination of bitter orange, fir balsam, and sandalwood. Emily Bouge’s SOLUTION No. 8 is an amber floral fragrance that leans toward spice with saffron, pepper, and vanilla. The outside tone of this fragrance is dove gray.

Sidonie Lancesseur, who also conceived up SOLUTION N°10, is responsible for the creation of SOLUTION No.9, which features periwinkle detailing and reimagines bitter almond, jasmine, and rice into a flowery fragrance with a musky aroma. This woody musk, which is represented by forest green, is packed with personality thanks to its marriage of pink peppercorn, patchouli, and sea salt. This is the common thread that runs throughout the collection, which was designed purposely varied.



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Ffrench helped the photographer Nicolai Howalt to cast models who embodied Off-White Beauty’s mission to reclaim beauty as an inclusive, ever-evolving art form accessible to all ages, races, and genders — and to champion a new dimension of beauty located at the intersection of humanity and individuality, that elevates a global community and instigates new dialogues.


View the whole campaign in the gallery below.

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