5 Staple Pieces to Buy Now and Love Forever

These pieces are all things that you can buy multiples of and discover different ways to style them depending on current trends and how you want to present yourself.

We all have certain staple pieces we need in our wardrobes to have and to hold forever and ever. Whether they are investment or pieces we think we will use now and give away to our friends or children, they are still staple pieces that are important to have.


Here are 5 staple pieces to buy now and love forever:

A designer leather bag

A bag is probably the biggest and most popular investment piece for women and fashionista’s all over the world. It’s one piece that we use every day to show with the world our aesthetic. For artisanal Italian bags that are high-quality and will last you forever, check out the gorgeous options online at Mirta. To ensure you get the longevity out of the investment, select a style that is classic in style and in color. This way you’ll get the most wear out of it now and you know you will also like in the decades to come. A designer leather bag, if maintained properly, is also a wonderful item to pass down to future generations. It’s something special to have an item that is always with you and gets a lot of love when it’s from a family love.

Tailored black trousers

Tailored black trousers are an item that even if you don’t wear them as consistently as you may want or imagine, you will feel incredible when you do wear them. It is worth making the extra investment to tailor them exactly to you so that they fit you perfectly and make you feel confident and stylish. These are essential because they will take you so many places, like your dream job interview, graduation, or any other special event in your life.

Slip-on leather sandals

Leather sandals that are of high-quality look incredible, are comfortable and will last you for years. You can pair them with dresses, trousers and really any look. They are also a better investment than a cheaper sandal that you will just have to continue to replace. While the upfront cost of slip-on leather sandals may be a bit steeper, your cost per wear can even be lower than constant replacements for a sandal that is not of as high quality.

Gold hoops

Gold hoops are a staple pair of earrings to have in your collection. There are many different sizes and even styles within the realm of gold hoops so you have plenty of options to find the ones that best suit you! For example, you can opt for a chunky and smaller pair of hoops or a larger classic one or one with a unique detail.

A basic ribbed tank

A basic ribbed tank is an item that you will get constant wear out of and screams your modern style to the world. When you invest one of high-quality that fits you perfectly and you feel great in, you’ll want to wear it even more. You can style it with a midi length skirt or boyfriend jeans, your hoops, leather sandals and leather bag and you have an instant stylish outfit!

These pieces are all things that you can buy multiples of and discover different ways to style them depending on current trends and how you want to present yourself. They all pair beautifully together but you with even just a little bit of different styling, you can completely change up your look!

Images by Vinyet Feliubadaló for DSCENE Style.

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