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How to Achieve a Classic Style While Still Maintaining Your Individuality

Classic Style

Finding your personal style can be a struggle, and it’s often something that develops over time. It’s something that goes beyond making a good first impression. It’s all about knowing how to dress with confidence and how to feel beautiful in what we’re wearing.

To do this, you need to know how to shop, what looks good on you and what you like.

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Classic Style

Establish your style trademark

If you’re a fan of Sex and the City you’ll know that Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t be seen without her iconic name necklace. Your style trademark can be something you wear every day or an aesthetic that you’re well-known for. Usually, this happens when you love something so much that you wear it all of the time, whether it be a favourite tee or an iconic pair of earrings.

Dress for your body shape

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t wear what you want regardless of your body shape but it’s good to know how to dress in a way that flatters. This can also be a good place to start if you’re struggling to develop a personal style. If you’re someone who’s overly critical about their body, take some time to learn how to embrace your best features by choosing clothing that shows them off. Sites like Ashleigh Plus Size can always guide you in the right direction.

Create your own personal fashion lookbook

Aid your style by creating a personal lookbook where you can document your favourite outfits. By keeping track of your developments in style, you’ll be able to see what looks best on you and what might not work. Taking this with you when you shop will make it easier to find pieces that match your favourite looks and how you can incorporate new styles into your wardrobe. We also encourage you to seek inspiration from your favourite trendsetters whether you’re drawn to the minimalism of Jennifer Aniston or envy the hipster aesthetic of Alexa Chung.

Mix it up

Personal style is all about showcasing individuality so instead of dressing like a mannequin, try and mix up your wardrobe with vintage pieces that you love. Items that have been passed down to you or that you’ve thrifted, paired with some newer trends, can allow you to create a look that’s unique. One of the biggest trends to hit the catwalks this spring/summer was the OTT sleeve. This is a style straight from the 80’s, proving that style is always cyclical so if you’ve got a piece you love now, it’s always worth keeping a hold of it.

Trust your instincts

When developing your style, the most important thing to bear in mind is to remain true to yourself. Choosing pieces just because they’re on trend will only hinder your creativity and leave you with clothing you’re not overly keen on and likely never to wear again once the season is over. Be proud of your style and use fashion to express who you are and what you like.

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