3 Things To Consider While Choosing A Party Dress

Heading to a party or planning for a big bash? The first thing that comes to your mind is the “Party Dress”. You want to look attractive and stand out of the crowd by dressing your best, but do you really find one? Even when you start planning in advance, there are chances that you get disappointed on D-day due to wrong selection. In fact choosing the party dress is one of the most daunting tasks and requires lot of hard work to find the one that fits the ongoing trend.

The fashion trends keep on changing with various dress styles available in both retail and online market. Online portals on other hand have provided platform for global fashion and that has resulted in nothing but BIGGER DRESSING CONFUSION. However, you can minimize the confusion by considering following three things while choosing the party dress and believe me, you won’t go wrong!

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Your Body Shape

When you dress according to your body shape, any dress would look elegant and graceful. Your body shape plays a vital role in dress selection, especially when you want to grab all eyeballs in the party. The dress selection for 5 basic body shapes are mentioned here –

  • Apple Shaped Body – Apple shaped bodies are broader at waist and chest while are narrow on hips and shoulders. This shape gives almost round appearance to the body. Such body types can be visually corrected by making the torso appear longer and hips look wider. Select the solid dresses that run the same colour from top to bottom. This will make the torso look longer. Avoid prints and if opting for prints then check out stripes or prints running lengthwise. Wearing a belt higher on the waist would create illusive effect making you look taller.
  • Pear Shaped Body –Large number of women have pear shaped bodies with wider thighs and hips with narrow upper body. Dresses that transfer the attention from heavy lower body to narrow upper body are the right choices for pear shaped bodies. Boat neck dresses or A-line dresses take away the attention from the lower body and also make the upper body look broader. Wearing strapless, square line or halter neck dresses with A-line design would make even the pear shaped body look attractive.
  • Wedge Shaped Body –Wedge shaped body is the body with broader shoulders and narrow lower body. It is like inverted triangle. Here upper body needs less attention and lower body needs some correction. Avoid the spaghetti straps and strapless dresses. A long pleated skirt with shirt covering the shoulders would look wonderful on this body type. High neck dresses with collars would hide broader upper body and add volume to the lower body.
  • Rectangle Shaped Body –This body shape lacks curves. The measurements don’t differ much from shoulder to bottom. The rectangular body needs curves or at least visual curves. A dress that is wider on top and bottom with narrowing at waist is the right thing to adorn a rectangular shaped body.
  • Hourglass Figure –This is the figure that every woman dreams for! It is near to perfection figure that can carry just any dress well. All you can do with this figure is flaunt it! Stay away from very loose dresses that hang on you covering your body shape.

Your Skin Tone

Some colours look good on certain skin tones whereas the same colours may negatively affect other skin tones. If your skin tone is enhanced by wearing black and white dress, then other colours that you can try are blues, purples, and greens. The skin tones that are enhanced by off-white and brown would look well even when dressed in browns, yellows, and reds. This is just a guideline that you can follow in event of confusion, otherwise the selection solely depends on you and the colour you like to wear and feel confident in!

Party Dress Code

This is probably one of the main factors governing the party dress selection. Dress code is usually mentioned along with the party invitation and your dress selection should be based on it. Based on the formal, casual, or semi-formal dress code, you may make your selection. The fabric and colour of the dress should also be in line with the dress code. Fabric for formal and casual would differ and so would the colour of the dress. For formal dress code, keep the colour selection limited to black, grey, white, brown, and blue. These colours would give you the formal look, however some of these colours would also go well for the casual dress code when clubbed with proper accessories.

Talking about fabrics, cotton would not look classy for formal dressing, instead opt for satin, silk, or velvet. Cotton can be used for casual dressing.

Above dressing tips will surely work for the party dress selection, but if you want to play safe then keep casual and formal jackets, some essential accessories, and classy footwear ready to be used for enhancing your looks anytime even when you don’t have time to buy a whole new party attire.

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