5 Timeless Fashion Items Every Woman Should Own

Putting together a timeless wardrobe? That is easy with these 5 steps:

5 Timeless Fashion Items Every Woman Should Own
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Usually, a woman’s wardrobe is packed full of clothes that never see the daylight after they’re worn a couple of times. And yet, so many women complain they have absolutely nothing to wear. The truth is, we sometimes buy clothes that are trendy for a while, but go out of style fast and then they end up in the Bermuda triangle of wardrobes.

The answer to this common issue is quite simple: invest in essential items that are timeless and look great in a variety of combinations. You can then add seasonal pieces in the mix and you’ll have a great wardrobe that will never look dated. This will also make you rethink your shopping habits and help you spend your money more wisely. Here are 5 items that should be in every woman’s capsule wardrobe:

Black pumps

Love them or hate them, high heels are always going to be in. Even if you’re a jeans-and-sneakers kind of girl, you should still make room in your closet for a pair of classic black pumps. They can be worn with practically everything and can turn even the dullestoutfit into a sexy and sophisticated one. From office settings to date nights and parties, they’ll take you everywhere and make you look and feel amazing.

Little black dress

Do we even have to convince you that the little black dress is the answer to all your fashion problems? Whenever you run out of inspiration for an outfit, the little black dress will be there to save the day. If you only own one dress, it should definitely be an LBD. You can style it in infinite ways and wear it to any event, be it a work interview, a wedding, a party, a reunion etc. and you’ll never go wrong.

Power suit

Women have been wearing power suits for decades and we hope they’ll continue to do so as it’s a look that will simply never get old. Women suits are quite unique in the fashion world because they manage to combine strength, elegance and femininity and give you the feeling that you’re unstoppable. They’re both practical and stylish and if chosen right they look flattering one very body type.

5 Timeless Fashion Items Every Woman Should Own

White T-shirt

Let’s get back to simpler, more casual fashion pieces and put the spotlight on a clothing item that is often understated: the white T-shirt. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so plain that makes people overlook its importance, but in all honesty, everyone should have at least one simple white T-shirt in their closet. It goes with everything, looks good on everyone and the styling possibilities are practically endless.

Dark jeans

You didn’t thing we would skip on denim, did you? When you try to put together an outfit on an average day, jeans are probably the first pieces of clothing that come to mind, and for good reason. They’re comfortable, versatile and stylish. Make sure that your jeans collection also includes a quality pair of simple dark jeans that you can always rely on whenever you need to create an effortless OOTD.

5 Timeless Fashion Items Every Woman Should Own

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