Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Must Have In 2021

Here are the wardrobe essentials you’ll need to refurbish your closet and jazz up your style for the rest of 2021.

Vaccines are out and our lockdown days will soon end. What’s the better way to prepare for going out post-Covid than to make sure that you have a weeklong wardrobe prepared?

We’re not saying you throw everything in one pile or put them all up for donation. Hold your horses, man. You only need to get rid of clothes that have seen better days—stained, overstretched, worn out, and hole-filled.


Sorry dude, but you’ll have to part with your favorite high school t-shirt and sweats. So, take your time if you must. But get back to reading what wardrobe essentials you’ll need to refurbish your closet and jazz up your style for the rest of 2021.

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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials For 2021

While you probably look decent in every single Zoom meeting or Facetime this pandemic, you’ll have to consider dressing up entirely when it’s time to resume life outside your home. You’d want to catch some attention for all the right reasons when you finally step out the door and into the sidewalk, wouldn’t you?

While one timeless piece of advice is to ensure comfort, that shouldn’t stop you from becoming stylish. This link explains how you can use essential pieces to create your style.

Here are several wardrobe essentials to keep you looking cool and, at times, sexy for the rest of 2021.

The Basic Tees

Basic white tees are a must-have for every male wardrobe. They’re the reliable go-to because you can pair them with various bottoms and shoes. Go casual with a pair of denim, or add a shirt and some trousers for an updo.

Black tees are also essential. You can have one in round or V-neck. Pair it with some dark jeans and some kickers, and you’re good to go. If you need something more formal, throw in a sports jacket for an upgrade.

Don’t forget to add graphic tees or striped shirts. They’re comfortable, casual, and trendy—great for hitting the mall or hang out with friends.

White Oxford Shirt

When you need something nice for an office presentation or something to impress your date, put on an oxford shirt to look effortlessly classy and sexy. Layer it with a sweater vest, and it’s a smart casual in no time.

Denim Shirt

A high-quality long-sleeved denim shirt is the white Oxford’s cooler counterpart. It’s probably the only thing worth keeping as it gets better with time.

Sports Jacket

A sports jacket takes your shirts and sweaters to the next level. It tapers your body to make it look muscular and manly. Choose one in a greyish brown hue or one in your favorite color.


Plain or patterned, hoodies are undeniably cool. Opt for wool hoodies to keep you warm during a walk in the park or a late-night party. They’re made from eco-friendly materials, so you can strut your stuff while Mother Nature cheers for you.

Full/Half Sleeves Sweater

Sweaters are great and comfy. You can’t bear to have them as part of your wardrobe. Find one in plain colors for both full and half sleeves. Or you can fancy a few colored stripes for sweater vests to top tees and shirts paired with loafers or sneakers.


There’s nothing sexier than a man rocking a peacoat. Worn solo or paired with a turtleneck or sweater and you’ll turn heads in no time. Slip-on some chinos and Chelsea boots for a great look.

Slim Straight Cut Jeans

Who would forget about jeans? They’re rugged and versatile to take you beyond 8-5 and for some night out with friends. Make sure you have light, dark denim, and black slim straight-cut jeans to get through the week and even more during the weekend.


Chinos are the backbone of every man’s wardrobe. Choose a neutral color with a tapered leg, and you can pair it with most shirts and jackets along with a wide variety of footwear.


Besides your all-time jeans and alternate chinos, you need several pairs of trousers for semi-formal or formal occasions. Make sure your pants fit you well, and you’ll feel confident wearing them.

White Sneakers

White sneakers make casual outfits look light and carefree. Wear these kicks for strolls or errands with your favorite jeans or chinos paired with a graphic tee or a denim shirt.


Loafers are also a staple in men’s wardrobe as they can be worn with trousers and denim. They come in various styles, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

Oxford Lace-Ups

Formal wear isn’t complete without brown or black lace-ups. Brown oxfords do well for formal occasions, work, and business meetings. Have one in black in case you need to attend a black-tie event or a funeral.


Of course, we can’t forget about underwear. For 2021, you’ll feel great in boxer briefs. They’re an everyday necessity and the foundation of every great ensemble. They’re also great for showing off, especially if they come in exciting shades and patterns.


Wardrobe must-haves allow you to mix and match so you can keep your outfits varied and interesting. Get some or all we’ve mentioned, and you’ll have stylish stuff to strut with this 2021 and beyond.

Images by Pietro Groff for MMSCENE

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