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Bulgari Man Extreme Review

bulgari man extreme

Bulgari has launched a new fragrance in 2013. We wrote about it earlier. You can read more about it here. But here's a more in depth review of it.

Bulgari Man Extreme addresses the core values of the iconic fragrance Bulgari Man whose sensuality embodies masculine charisma in a unique way. The beguiling essence of fresh woody eau de toilette playing with the male energy and its charms and challenges the soul to deception and intrigue. Herbal-spicy top notes like pink grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot and cactus juice produce a tingling olfactory experience that is full of energy. The middle notes are floral and masculine looks, here mingle white freesia, cardamom from Guatemala and vegetable amber. Finally, the earthy flavors of balsa wood, Haitian vetiver and benzoin from Laos unfold in the base note and give this particular scent an oriental warmth and radiance.

The fragrance is very sexy, because it acts seductively playful and masculine at the same time. And above all, I think he stands out somewhat from the crowd. The sparkling top note slightly floral heart notes and sensual background make this eau de toilette very special.

You would expect something much more woody and "extreme" than Bulgari Man but it's a fresher fragrance that in the drydown resembles the original in a very subtle way.  It's an improved version of the original one, with better characteristics, though a bit fresher, especially the opening, which is quite citric with notable presence of cardamom. Later it develops into the very same essence featured in the regular one, with the smell like freshly cut woods and a drop of vetiver oil to add to its woodiness.

It is still close to the skin like the original but projects a lot better and the longevity is greatly improved as well , around 7-8 hours. It is as safe as it can be for a warm fragrance – even if the opening is citrusy I still don't think of it as of a summer scent.

The fragrance can be worn at work,at a date,or any kind of meeting as a matter of fact. If you liked the original, you will certainly like this one.


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