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James Bond Gold 007 Limited Edition


James Bond 007 Fragrances has launched a limited edition of their signature fragrance James Bond 007 in deluxe golden bottles for the Christmas season.

Each bottle of James Bond Gold Limited Edition exemplifies Bond’s impeccable finesse, offering a refined gold skin that is understated and luxurious. Pure, authentic and irresistible: GOLD This precious material has always been synonymous with the legendary British spy. It is the purest expression of strength and luxury. Indeed, gold’s qualities: attractive, durable and pure in form, make it not only the perfect partner for James Bond but also for the fragrance.

The refined masculinity and inimitable demeanor associated with the icon that is James Bond has been celebrated for over fifty years. An encapsulation of all that is daring and desirable, Bond has captured the imagination of men – and the hearts of women – the world over since the inception of the Bond film franchise.

The James Bond Gold Limited Edition fragrance will be the ultimate Christmas gift for the man who aspires to be Bond.

The Fragrance

The James Bond 007 fragrance is a signature scent for the Bond man: a  unique fusion of traditionally authentic and British ingredients shaping a classic fragrance with a modern twist.

At the time when the first Bond films of the 1960s revealed the ultimate masculine icon, the world of male fragrances witnessed the dawn of the unofficial hero scent signature for men – the Aromatic Fougere family of perfumes. This fragrance type epitomised the virile, vibrant masculinity of the times and continued to prosper into the 21st century. Only an Aromatic Fougere – the most virile, vibrant masculine of all perfumes’ families – could bring to life Bond’s unique blend of strength and sophistication.
Unapologetically masculine the Fougere backbone is rich with lavender, for a reassuring, yet elegant aromatic masculinity, moss and coumarin undertones create the James Bond 007 fragrance. Bond’s smooth and refined characteristics are represented through Vetyver, a Haitian ingredient which brings unmatched strength, blended with sensuality. Crisp apple, the quintessentially British ingredient known for its fresh flavour, reflects the smooth side of Bond, adding a refreshingly light quality that harmonises the heady Fougere. Patchouli and sandalwood offer a full bodied essence, creating the fragrance’s long lasting and powerfully masculine qualities.

  • Top Notes: Apple, bergamot, Geranium.
  • Heart Notes: Lavender, cardamom, rose thorn.
  • Base Notes: Vetyver, patchouli, sandalwood.

The Limited Edition Gold Bottle

Complementing the original fragrance bottle design with its distinctive dark blue bottle and silver twist cap, the exclusive and distinctive Gold bottle evokes the most iconic elements of the Bond world. The sleek glass flacon with its mesh texture mirrors the exterior design of Bond’s slick automobiles; the ‘twist’ cap revealing the fragrance nozzle reflects Bond’s indispensable, state-of-the-art gadgets and the 007 logo is subtly embossed on the front of the flacon in keeping with the sleek, timeless design.

The fragrance is available at Debenhams as a 75 ml Eau de Toilette.

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