Changing The Art of Hair: Guerrilla Quiff Event & Platform

Guerrilla Quiff

Cultural Provocateur Rankin and hair stylist Mitchell Wilson founded Guerrilla Quiff – the event, platform and creative catalyst for a new era of hair. The first Guerrilla Quiff daylong extravaganza takes place on the 18th August 2019, featuring 4 salons, their teams and the hair creations that they want to produce and showcase on the day. The event is sponsored by a professional haircare and haircolor company Redken.

Not only will this day return as a series of events per year, it will also pave the way for the new Guerrilla Quiff platform, an online hub for the big hair rehash, taking what’s been done, throwing it in the bin and giving the world something utterly new.
Hair is, and always has been, a truly fascinating artistic medium, full of creative possibility and cultural potency. It’s time to get rid of those dead ends, embrace the Guerrilla Quiff ethos and do something different with your do.

Guerrilla Quiff

“Think of it as a fast forward button, putting great industry talents into a room and unleashing creativity, progress and boundary-pushing moments all in one exciting day. The world of beauty is moving at a million miles an hour and it’s time for hair to catch up. But it’s not just about the styles, it’s about the way we are capturing it and showing it to the world. We need to look at the industry, give it a revamp and actually get people excited about it again!’ – Rankin

The Guerrilla Quiff event and platform will give the artists out there a space to get creative with this medium again. It will finally be a place to push boundaries, take hair out of the dark ages, and capture this contemporary and exciting work with a whole new perspective.” – Mitchell Wilson

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