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  • Guerrilla Quiff

    Changing The Art of Hair: Guerrilla Quiff Event & Platform

    Cultural Provocateur Rankin and hair stylist Mitchell Wilson founded Guerrilla Quiff – the event, platform and creative catalyst for a new era of hair. The first Guerrilla Quiff daylong extravaganza takes place on the 18th August 2019, featuring 4 salons, their teams and the hair creations that they want to produce and showcase on the […] More

  • Points To Consider When Buying Clip In Extensions

    Clip In Hair Extensions is the best hair extension technique available if you are looking for that lusciously thick and long hair that you can easily install on your own in less than 10-minutes. Clip in is also relatively easy to maintain making it an absolute favorite extension technique for most women. While we have […] More

  • 4 Ways for Gents to Choose a New Hairstyle

    It’s easy for men to get into a rut when it comes to their hair, and have the same style for years without making a change. There comes a time when a man has to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, but how do you make that choice? Here are four […] More

  • When Hair Turns into a Headpiece by Stipe Filipovic

    Hair stylist Stipe Filipovic teams up with fashion photographer Inmakko Marakasso for this stunning series capturing the beauty of Morocco’s Red city through the eyes of strong beautiful Moroccan woman Imane Saddoun, dressed in luxurious traditional attire with old jewellery designed by Maison Nomade Marrakech. Related: HAIR Read more after the jump: More

  • Four Steps to Repairing Badly Damaged Hair

    Hair can easily be damaged through excessive heat styling, bleaching, dyeing, harsh brushing, or simply neglecting to get a cut. The sad fact is that hair can go from healthy to seriously damaged within a matter of hours with one simple bleaching error or a bad reaction to the dye, and regular heat styling can […] More

  • 5 Fresh Hairstyles To Try Out This Spring

    Finally, you can chuck those chunky knitted jumpers to the back of the wardrobe and put the woolly hats away, because spring has well and truly arrived. As you dust off last year’s sandals and stock up on sun cream from Boots (there’s nothing wrong with some wishful thinking), don’t forget about freshening up your […] More