BEAUTY SCENE LIFESTYLE: How to Organize an Awesome Office Party

Whether you’re a long-standing office planner looking for ideas or an office planning virgin, organizing the next knees up for your colleagues can be a big job. They’re not the easiest of events to arrange and can sometimes be a complete disaster with attendees feeling awkward, uncomfortable and possibly even downright embarrassed. Ideally, the party should be one that puts everyone at their ease, work doesn’t get a mention,and you’d easily be fooled into thinking they were all best friends. This can be quite a challenge. Let’s face it, not everyone one in a company is going to bosom buddies. You don’t have to worry, however, to help you we’ve compiled a list of the things you need to do.

Help is Always Available

There aren’t going to be hordes of people rushing forward to help with the organizing, after all,it can be quite a chore. But there will be one or two willing to lend a hand. The more people involved in the planning stage, the better the range of ideas. It will also mean there will be fewer grumblers. One idea is to send out a questionnaire or use a suggestion box. Realistically, you’re not going to be able to please everyone, but this idea may get more people onboard.


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Party Away from the Office

The traditional location for an office party is the office. How unimaginative is that? Buck the trend and try something different this year. For example, the Escape Room Minneapolis. Enjoy a real-life adventure cracking codes, solving riddles and finding clues to help you and your colleagues break out of a room.

What is the Budget?

Find out the budget for the event from those that will be footing the bill. Imagine your embarrassment if you organize a plush sit-down meal at a top restaurant only to be told the budget is just a few dollars a head. Once you know what the budget is you can phone around and ask for prices.

Set the Date

Once you know how much you can spend you can get on with setting a date. A quick way to find out what is the best date is to have a poll. Give everyone a few options and see which comes out on top. Send the information out in an email, if possible, or use the company noticeboard.

What Type of Party Will it Be?

Is it going to be a sit-down meal, a dance or something completely different? Will it take place during the day or in the evening and will it be a weekday or the weekend? Are partners or spouses going to be invited as well? Deciding whether to take advantage of a package being offered at a particular venue is another factor to consider.

Making the arrangements for an office party is not as easy as you think. You’ve now got an idea of the basics, so it’s up to you to let your creative juices flow and make sure you make it a party that no one forgets. In a good way, of course.

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