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Emma Landen for Dior Snow SS 2013 Campaign

emma landen dior snow ss 2013

17 year old model Emma Landen is fronting the new Dior Snow Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. Diorsnow is a range of skin whitening products.

For over two decades Dior has developed a unique whitening expertise. Using the very best talents as the Tokyo and Shanghai DIOR Asian Innovation Center to acquire a full understanding of Asian skins to provide them with specific formulas for immediate and durable whitening results. 

Highlight of the Diorsnow SS 2013 line is the new  Anti Spot Serum.

"In 2013 Dior Science reached a new milestone. Thanks to an exclusive study  researchers were able to precisely analyze the new spot apparition process. They discovered that a protein, Filaggrin, was lacking in the pigmented areas but present in the rest of the skin. This major breakthrough showed that when Filaggrin is lacking, the cells become more vulnerable to environmental aggressions and react by overproducing melanin. This is when pigmentation occurs."

"Dior has made a cutting-edge breakthrough in regulating the expression of genes that produce Filaggrin to help restore this molecule production to its optimal level wherever it is lacking. A world first that has given rise to the 1st intelligent ANTI-SPOT SERUM by Dior able to repair visible and invisible spots with extreme precision."

Dior claims that  the spots start to disappear after only two weeks. And after 2 months, they are reduced by 36%

  • 36% Spot intensity
  • 23% Spot size
  • 23% Contrast between the spot and surrounding skin area

For more details about the Anti Spot Serum,a detailed look at the complete line, the campaign and some behind the scenes shots, take a look at the Dior Snow page.

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