Karolina Kolodzicka in Delux by Marcin Biedron


Gorgeous Karolina Kołodzicka starring in the latest beauty series captured by photographer Marcin Biedroń. With 60's glam inspired makeup looks by Anna Stykala, reminiscent of retro Hollywood Divas and beauty queens, extravagant pink eyshadow and thick eyleiner , contrasted with  high collared shirts, denim jackets and almost neon like yellows and pinks, the Delux beauty series are definitely an eye catcher.
The overall androgynous look is perfected by the extreme pompadour inspired rockabilly hairstyle courtesy of Marta Szotyńska. Taking the best of both worlds, masculine and feminine, the shoot represents retro glamour at its finest. Take a look at the complete series below.
Title: Delux
Photographer: Marcin Biedroń|A12 Team PHOTOGRAPHY|
Make up & style: Anna Stykała
Hair: Marta Szotyńska

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