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The Abramović Longevity Method

Marina Abramović’s New Venture: Wellness and Skincare

Courtesy of The Marina Abramović Longevity Method

Over her extensive career spanning 55 years, Marina Abramović has been a pioneering figure in the art world, known for challenging the physical and mental boundaries through her work. Starting with her groundbreaking Rhythm Series in the 1970s, through her collaborations with Ulay, to the emotionally charged 2010 MoMA performance “The Artist is Present,” Abramović has consistently explored deep emotional and spiritual themes.

In January 2023, Abramović expanded her artistic philosophy into the wellness and skincare realm with the launch of ‘The Abramović Longevity Method’ product range. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Nonna Brenner, this range embodies a holistic approach to beauty and vitality, inspired by natural remedies and long-standing wellness practices. The range includes unique skincare and wellness products, integrating principles from ‘The Abramović Method’ and emphasizing inner and outer beauty.

Courtesy of The Marina Abramović Longevity Method

The Abramović Longevity Method product line offers a unique blend of skincare and wellness products. This range includes a multifunctional face lotion and three distinct botanical drops, each carefully formulated with natural ingredients like essential oils, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. Emphasizing holistic beauty and wellbeing, these products are designed to nourish both the skin and the spirit, drawing on forgotten rituals and natural healing philosophies.


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