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Three Top Tips for Looking after Sensitive Skin in Summer


Looking after sensitive skin is important all year round, but during the summer months, when we tend to have more of it on show, it often becomes a priority. Sore, itchy, red, or blotchy flesh can be embarrassing for its bearer, and it can have a real impact on your self-confidence.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to deal with it. Sensitive skin is becoming ever more prevalent in our modern society, but thankfully the beauty and medical markets have responded to this need and developed a whole range of products and treatments to help manage it.

If your sensitive skin is driving you to despair, here are three tips to help you get on top of it…

#1: Use ‘Physical Barrier’ Sunscreens

With around 50 per cent of women suffering from sensitive skin, it’s no wonder that choosing a suitable sunscreen is something that many of us dread. This is because although most of us recognise that sunscreen can be an irritant, we still have to use it, and the majority don’t know how to minimise the risk of it affecting our skin. Luckily, the solution is quite simple. Sunscreen can be divided into two generic categories: ‘physical barrier’ sunscreens and ‘chemical barrier’ sunscreens. You’ll find that the former are much better for your skin, as they don’t contain any chemical triggers to cause skin reactions.

#2: Use either Sunscreen or SPF-Containing Cosmetics

Another way to avoid irritation is by keeping chemical triggers to a minimum. The average sunscreen contains around 20 potentially irritating chemical ingredients, and the more of these there are on your skin, the greater the problems you’ll experience. This means that when you apply both sunscreen and SPF make-up products to your face, your skin has to cope with a double whammy of irritants. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should forego using sun protectants; however, it does mean that you ought to use one or the other. If you opt for make-up, remember that this will need reapplying throughout the day if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside, sweating, or wetting your face.

#3: Try to Avoid Overheating

Although this is easier said than done, you’ll also find that avoiding overheating can go a long way towards protecting your skin. Sweat and a raised body temperature can severely irritate sensitive flesh, and the best way to defend your skin against these effects is by keeping cool. On hot days, try your best to head for the shade when you feel it heating up, and keep a fan in your bag or on your desk to keep temperatures down.

Get super skin this summer with these three top tips.

Photo from our Beauty SCENE Exclusive by Ruo Bing Li.

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