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The New Pond’s Age Miracle Range

ponds migacle age range

The Pond’s Institute has identified 6 Youth Enhancing Bio-Actives which has lead to the creation of the Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex for the Pond’s Age Miracle Range which, allows your skin cells to regenerate, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age sports.

Cell ReGEN Day Cream SPF 15 with Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex – For normal/dry skin

This cream helps renew skin faster and targets fine lines, wrinkles and age spots resulting in a smooth and bouncy skin.

Deep Action Night Cream with Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex
Pond’s Deep Action Night Cream is especially formulated to work at night when your cells’ regeneration potential is at its peak. A rich texture that blends into the skin to accelerate the renewal process as you sleep which results in a skin that’s smooth, silkier and softer.

Intensive Cell ReGEN Serum with Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex
This intensive, highly potent serum contains 20 x the concentration of our best AA actives to dramatically boost skin’s capacity for young cell regeneration. The serum can be used on its own or as part of the regular Pond’s skin care routine. Once used regularly, wrinkles and age spots start to fade and your skin appears instantly rejuvenated with a silky feel.

Dual Action Eye Cream
This dual-action formula effectively targets specific problem areas around the eyes;

  • Pink cream for the upper eyes enriched with cell boosting collagen, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet for a smooth and lifted look.
  • White cream for the under eyes, helps stimulate skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles to instantly brighten tired looking eyes.

Cell ReGEN Facial Foam
Pond’s Age Miracle Cell-ReGEN Facial Foam deeply cleanses skin to remove dead skin cells and impurities revealing a youthful looking skin.

Cell ReGEN Toner
Pond’s Age Miracle Cell-ReGEN Toner is designed to gently remove dead skin cells and help clean pores leaving skin tighter.

Daria Plyushko by Gerhard Merzeder for Woman Magazine

Grand Prix by Patric Shaw for Marie Claire US May 2013